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Happy July birthdays to: Billy Adams, Sabrina Carlton, Ryan Davis, Michael Shaun and Dana Eddings, Lora Lynn King, Oakley Martin, Clint and Jesslyn Martin, Mary Ellen Race, Donna Sams, Rubynell Streeter, Teddy Tennison, Kazen Waters, Joseph Williams, Brenda Woods, Wilma Vaughn, David Stone and Adam Willis. Colton Pettis celebrated his birthday and Allen Davis, Tochia McCutcheon did, too.
Happy anniversary to Bobby and Kathy Young. April and Adam Willis, Shelia and Brad Williams and Mahalie and Marshall Pettis, Candy and Jason Reynolds celebrated anniversaries last month! We congratulate Kenya and Nathan Windel who celebrated their 25th anniversary.
Happy Independence Day Americans! Deer's Festival and Fireworks displays will Be a great event for everyone and we thank all the volunteers who help make it possible!
We extend our deepest sympathy to the family and many friends of Adam Rocole, Wendall Freeman and Sheley Garrison. Our prayers are extended to their families.

We send get well wishes to Ms. Phyllis Ellis, Rocky Martin and Johnny both having health issues. Our neighbors, Scot Dahlstrom, Ron and Sue May check on us often and they have slowed down a whole lot, too. I also get a check in on from neighbor Carolyn Sharp. We appreciate that so very much. Our neighbor Kenny King is one lucky guy, he even won a gun recently. Ms. Laura Carney has moved to Russellville and closer to her daughter, Rachel and we wish her a happy life there. We attended the visitation for Johnnys cousin, Ramona Martin Gay, and he got to see many of his cousins that he has not seen in a while. We also spent the evening with our son, Craig Martin and enjoyed a great dinner. He is an awesome cook. We got to see our grandson, Hayden and his girlfriend, Taylor Sadani. Hayden’s Elite Basketball team is doing very well. We are very proud of him. We also attended the Men and Women of Distinction Boone County for my brother in law, Rodney Sullins, and we visited with family and friends we haven’t seen in a while.
Johnny and Jesse Martin have been in the hay on Batson Mt., and Jesse camped out there and we enjoyed visiting him and his family when they were there. Nick Martin is finishing up his hay, too, as is just about everybody. Now we will all be praying for rain during this time so we can get a fall harvest, too.
Congratulations to Darrell Davis and Whistling Dixies single “Fighting for home” ranked number two on the top twenty downloads week June 16. We are so proud of them!
Cassville Baptist Church has been enjoying their scheduled Bible class although we be few and we’re still without a full time pastor, but we have faith that in due time, God will provide. We welcome our community to visit with us especially if you don’t have a church home. Jesus loves you and so do I.