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Election analysis for U.S. richest and poorest counties, 2016-2022
Ballotpedia reports on the 50 richest and 50 poorest counties in the U.S. and their voting trends since 2016.
How electric harps are protecting honey bees
Reasons to be Cheerful reports that as Asian hornets sow chaos in apiaries across Europe, strategically strung electrified wires are giving beekeepers cause for hope.
Kids, screen time and despair: An expert in the economics of happiness echoes psychologists' warnings about tech
The 74 reports on a new paper that uses surveys from the past 15 years to show a pronounced increase in sadness affecting 14- to 24-year-olds.
5 garden parties made headlines and history
Peerspace put together a list of five unforgettable garden parties that made headlines and shaped history, using government archives and news reports.
America's 8 most-visited ice cream shops — and the hottest new chain
Lyft lists favorite ice cream shops to visit when ready to scream for ice cream.
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Thirsty in paradise: Water crises are a growing problem across the Caribbean islands

The Conversation reports that the Caribbean islands are in a water crisis and their governments have warned that water scarcity may become the new norm.

Best draft picks of all-time for every MLB team

ATS.io compiled the best draft pick for each MLB team using data from Baseball Reference. Players were ranked by career wins above replacement.

Are politics Americans' biggest dating deal-breaker?

Stacker used data from the Survey Center on American Life and consulted experts to explore how politics are shaping modern-day romantic relationships.

Texas Celebrates Youth Sports This Summer

Texas Celebrates Youth Sports This Summer

(NewsUSA) - Kids take the field in a big way this summer in Plano, Texas, as the town gears up to host a diverse mix of activities that attract the best young talent from across the United States.A …

La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades

La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil destaca las oportunidades

(NewsUSA) - La Semana del Aprendizaje Juvenil, una iniciativa del Departamento de Trabajo de EE. UU., presenta una variedad de eventos y oradores en lugares de todos los Estados Unidos para mostrar …

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

No Child is Forgotten By Marine Toys for Tots

(NewsUSA) - Marine Toys for Tots, known for its core mission of Christmastime charitable efforts, has evolved into a year-round force for good – ensuring that no child is forgotten any day of the …

Unique, Hands-Free Ways to Soothe Your Baby

(Family Features) Most parents know - or soon will - crying is completely normal for babies. Even once you've determined a cause for the cries, finding foolproof ways to soothe baby can be difficult.

Nurturing the Mental Health of Young Children

(Family Features) The earliest years of children's lives lay the foundation for their social and emotional well-being, setting the stage for success in school and beyond.

4 Tips for Summer Water Safety

(Family Features) Drowning is a leading cause of death for children ages 1-4, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To protect your loved ones when playing in and around water this summer, keep these tips in mind.

There’s a rare and devastating cancer affecting young adults: One woman’s tips on how to cope with a difficult diagnosis
(BPT) - Sponsored by Adaptimmune Therapeutics.Megan was 12 years old, an active student-athlete, and an enthusiastic member of her cheerleading squad when she first started experiencing what she …
How does sleep affect the weight loss journey? We asked a husband-and-wife team of medical experts
(BPT) - As a sleep medicine specialist, Dr. Christopher J. Allen knows well the importance of sleep health, which is not only defined by the number of hours the individual sleeps, but also the …
Prepare for Takeoff: Relaunching Your Life Closer to Family
(BPT) - According to a 2024 survey from HireAHelper, family was the number one reason older adults and retirees moved to a new location. Moving closer to family is an exciting and happy time, though …
Nearly 2 in 5 Americans say their pets inspire good money habits: new study
(BPT) - Can your dog help you save? New Empower research shows that Americans associate pet ownership with positive money habits, with 39% of people saying it inspires them to be more financially …
With Time and Planning On Your Side, Financial Goals Can Move Within Reach
(BPT) - Paying for college, buying a home, entering retirement — these are all significant life events, and they all come at a significant price. But they also come with fair warning. …
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Volunteering Together to Build Friendships and Strengthen Bonds

(Family Features) As people age, many social avenues from earlier phases of life, such as school and work, no longer exist and making friends can be difficult. Experts suggest volunteering as a beneficial way to make friends and improve social well-being.

Volunteering Together: Building friendships and strengthening bonds

(Family Features) As people age, many social avenues from earlier phases of life, such as school and work, no longer exist and making friends can be difficult. Experts suggest volunteering as a beneficial way to make friends and improve social well-being.

How a Manual Washing Machine Can Help Reclaim Time, Improve Lives

(Family Features) An estimated 60% of the global population wash clothes by hand and the burden falls mostly on women and girls, which means spending up to 20 hours each week doing laundry instead of going to work or school.

The rise of apps to find friends instead of romance

Stacker spoke with users of both dating and friend-finding apps to learn more about how people use these platforms to make social connections.

The complete guide to legally changing your name

LegalZoom explains how to legally change a name—from the documents needed to the potential pitfalls.  

11 science-backed ways to naturally increase testosterone

Hone Health lists 11 strategies to increase testosterone quickly and naturally.

How to beat the summer heat — and boredom

(BPT) - Summer break can be wonderful for kids, as they are able to explore new activities, visit with friends or just have more free time to play. But summer can also get hot — and long. If …

Designing with green hues: 5 ways to add this trending color to your kitchen and bath

(BPT) - Move over, gray. Green is having its moment this year in bath and kitchen design and décor. Whether dark, light or somewhere in between, these luscious hues are on trend right now, but …

The framework for lasting weight loss success

(BPT) - Everyone is buzzing about prescription GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy for weight loss — and rightfully so. GLP-1s (more formally known as glucagon-like peptide 1 agonists) …

5 home modifications for older adults looking to age in place
QMedic compiled ways to modify homes for older adults using research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other sources.
Which Olympic sports have had the biggest rise in popularity?
Stacker mapped the Olympic sports with the biggest rise in popularity, using data from Reuters, Sports Media Watch, and Play the Game.
What are electric car batteries made of, and why do they keep EV prices so high?
Edmunds explores the composition of an electric car battery, from lithium to nickel to manganese and more.
The best (and worst) cities for healthy living in the US—Where does yours rank?
Hers analyzed data on nutrition, behavior, movement and medical treatment to determine the best cities for healthy living in the U.S.
5 niche sports you didn't know you could bet on
Sqore compiled a list of five niche sports you didn't know you could bet on. There is nothing one can't take a chance on, it seems.