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Suspect charged in car lot break-in


On June 3, a case was filed against Matthew Turner in response to a break-in at Gage's Auto Sale.
According to affidavits filed in the circuit court of Boone County, on May 23, Gary Gage, owner of Gage's Auto Sale, called the Boone County Sheriff's Office to report that multiple cars had been broken into. Gage let the dispatch know that he had video and the tool used to unlock the door. Deputy Heath Hudson arrived and took the initial report and collected the tool used to enter the vehicle. Attempts were made to hot-wire and siphon gas from the fuel tank on a 2007 Ford van. A radio was stolen from a 1994 Suzuki Samurai, as well. Three other vehicles were entered, but nothing appeared to be stolen from the vehicles. Security video was turned over to authorities.
On May 30, the case was received by Investigator Anthony Barber, who noticed from the video footage that on May 22, at 7:52 a..m., a white Ford Edge with a black top and no license-plate drove onto Gage's lot. The suspect exited the vehicle and entered a black SUV and a tow truck belonging to Gage's. While in the tow truck, the suspect turned on the truck's flashing lights and exited with an unknown item in his hand as he walked to his own vehicle.
After the video was shared with area law enforcement agencies, this led to a match with a single car accident on May 23, on Highway 7 in Newton County, being driven by Matthew Turner. Video from Trooper Nathan Holder's patrol car shows that Holder gave Turner a ride into Harrison after the wreck. This footage let the inspector confirm Turner as the suspect, as he had tattoos consistent with the suspect and even appeared to be wearing the same hat as in the footage of the break in.
Turner is being charged with five counts of breaking and entering, one count each of theft of property, criminal mischief in the first degree, and criminal trespassing, and one count of being a habitual offender, as he has more than four prior felony convictions and prior theft convictions in the past ten years.