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New recommendations for catching cancer early


The Newton County Cancer Support Group wants people to know about the new guidelines from the American Cancer Society in hopes to catch any lung cancer early which is when it is most treatable, said Susan McSweeney, support group chair person. Recommendations were changed in late 2023.
It is now advised, according to studies, anyone who smoked one pack of cigarettes a day even if stopped 15-20 years ago, to get a yearly lung CT scan. This changed from the original recommendation that if you stopped 15-20 years ago you were no longer at risk. This has proven to be wrong thus screening yearly can save lives, says McSweeney.
This recommendation, physicians hope. will decrease the 238,000 plus new cases yearly. Right now Lung cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths here and world wide, McSweeney said.
Smoking is the leading cause of all lung cancer. Most people diagnosed are 65 and older…both men and women. The new recommendation of yearly lung CT scan of one pack a day smokers can lead to 20-25% improved survival rate.
This yearly lung scan is covered by Medicare B for many people up to age 77 with a doctor's order.
Diagnostics are very important so ask your doctor if you were a one pack or more smoker even 15 -20 years ago…and have quit over 15-20 years ago, McSweeney said.
"We with the Newton County Cancer Support group can update you on any important recommendations.We still have funds for transportation to and from treatments/check ups once diagnosed If you need help please call for information, McSweeney said.
Contact the Newton County Support Group:
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C/O Susan MCSweeney chair person