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Candidate filing for 2024 election opens Nov. 6-14


LITTLE ROCK – Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston announced candidate filing will begin at noon, Monday, Nov. 6, at the State Capitol and will conclude at 3 p.m. on Nov. 14.
Needing to file are state and district candidates for partisan and nonpartisan judicial offices
Partisan candidate filing - Offices included are President, Vice President, United States Representative, State Treasurer, State Senator, State Representative; Nonpartisan candidate filing - Offices included are Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, State District Court, and Prosecuting Attorney

Filing begins: 12 p.m., Nov. 6 until 12 p.m., Nov. 14 for partisan candidates; 3 p.m., Nov. 6 until 3 p.m., Nov. 14 for nonpartisan judicial candidates
Filing takes place: Second Floor Rotunda, Arkansas State Capitol, 500 Woodlane St., Little Rock, AR 72201
IMPORTANT DATES: March 5, 2024 - Preferential Primary and Nonpartisan General Election; April 2, 2024 - General Primary (Runoff) Election; November 5, 2024 - General Election and Nonpartisan Runoff Election; December 3, 2024 - General Runoff Election.