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As life goes by


Here it is Sunday night and while watching the sunset, I saw it was red! “Red at night, sailors delight” came to mind. Then I remembered, Jackie would say right after that, “Except in hot weather.” Hope the weather doesn’t notice it is HOT weather. Ha Ha.
I love watching my bird feeders attracting the birds to eat. I noticed the hummingbirds have been really busy slurping up the sugar water. My water bottles are quart size and the birds eat a lot in hot weather so they empty fast! Believe I have filled a bottle a day lately. Just think how fat they must be getting! It was cool enough even with the humidity as high as it was, for me to be able to sit outside to watch. My hummers seem to love it when I am outside with them. This year I have been feeding squirrels. For a few years they didn’t come since I had a lot of kittens and cats that kept them away. I have only one cat now and she is pretty laid back. Eating a bird is just about all Violet can do in a day or two. She is not interested in squirrels. Must be the hair instead of feathers that Violet doesn’t like. She could have a choice of three squirrels. Just have to put enough seeds out for the guests instead of worrying about them.
Had to change all the calendars tonight. July sneaked up on me. I knew it was coming but when it did, it really hit me! One-half of the year has happened already. Heard we are going to be looking for 18-20 named hurricanes possible this year. After looking at all the damage in Rogers and Bentonville, it seems to make a person recognize how bad these storms can be and how they affect those living in them. Looking at the fire damage and flooding damage across the country makes tornadoes seem mild even though they are not.
I am hearing there is another strain of Covid popping up. I watched a TV show sharing about clean air in our buildings which would have helped us so we would not spread the virus so easily. It makes good sense.
Many years ago, Grayson and I took in a foster child. She celebrated her 14th birthday the week we got her. Elisa celebrated her 7th birthday one day apart. Jeanine (DIESNT) is coming to visit us this week. She lives in Boston and is flying in on Monday. Amanda is picking her up at the airport. I am thinking we haven’t seen her in forty years. She has a daughter the same age as Amanda’s daughter. We keep up with her on Facebook but it isn’t the same as seeing her in person. Hopefully, it will be a fun week. I think Amanda is taking her to the river as part of her time here and thinking we will watch fireworks at Lost Bridge Village.
Stay cool! Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!