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Veterans Day


This Veterans Day, I hope you will join me in taking a moment to thank the veterans in our community who have dedicated their lives to service to our great nation. As global conflict persists, it is imperative that we continue to recognize the hard work and sacrifices made by servicemembers, veterans, and their families so we can live in freedom. Today as we enjoy peace and liberty in America, service members stand ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Tens of thousands are already deployed overseas across the world. These are the individuals, past and present, that we honor today for their willingness to be the front line of protection for the greatest nation on Earth. Additionally, the honorable service of veterans does not come without the sacrifice and service of the family that stands behind them. Today we give thanks for the continual love, support, and encouragement they provide to their veteran family members, that is so crucial to our nation’s military readiness and support when they return home.
Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District is blessed to be home to many veterans - including U.S. Army Specialist Charlie Simpson Jr. Specialist Simpson was drafted into the United States Army in 1968 and served in Vietnam. In 1969, he was wounded in combat, losing both of his legs. He was awarded a Purple Heart and received an honorable discharge. Specialist Simpson returned home and created a prosperous life for his family, including his wife, Brenda, and their five children, where he worked for decades to make broad impacts on the people of Malvern and all Arkansans. We often speak of the bravery of men and women in uniform, and rightfully so. On Veterans Day, along with our thanks and recognition, we also celebrate the good work and significant contributions these service members have made to their communities.

Serving in Congress has granted me a unique opportunity to advocate for the needs of veterans and their families. I’ve made it a personal priority to support them by enacting legislation to ensure they receive the benefits they have earned and are recognized to the degree they deserve. This week, I voted yes on the Hershel Woody Williams National Medal of Honor Monument Location Act to authorize the location of the National Medal of Honor Memorial within our National Mall to honor the extraordinary acts of valor, selfless service and sacrifice displayed by Medal of Honor recipients. The Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest medal of valor in combat awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces. I was proud to pass this legislation to continue recognizing those who fought so bravely for our country for years to come.
We must stand up for our veterans and make sure they receive the benefits they have earned. That’s why I have staff dedicated to working with veterans in the 4th District, assisting with any issues they may be experiencing related to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or any branch of service. My staff and I remain dedicated to fighting for veterans and ensuring they receive the care and services they need. If you, or a veteran you know, need assistance with issues related to the VA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Merchant Marines, or Coast Guard, please contact my Hot Springs office at 501-609-9796 or visit Westerman.house.gov/services/help-federal-agency. Again, I humbly thank every individual who has served our great country, and I wish you and your family a happy and reverent Veterans Day.