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Happy Arbor Day


As the only licensed forester in Congress and Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, I am a passionate advocate for our forests. I often say that forestry is a win-win-win: healthy forests give us pure water, clean air, diverse wildlife habitats, and forest products that we use every day. I know firsthand the countless benefits trees provide to our daily lives, and I understand the importance of science-based policy to ensure our forests continue to thrive.
This April, I hope you will join me in celebrating Arbor Day. May we recognize and honor the importance of trees and all the natural blessings they bring us. It also serves as an opportunity for us to acknowledge our role in ensuring forests remain healthy and thriving.
Each of us has a role to play in being good stewards of our environment, ensuring our forests are healthier and stronger for generations to enjoy, whether that be through planting trees in your backyard or simply supporting active forest management. I’m working on comprehensive forestry legislation and held a legislative hearing last week on a discussion draft of commonsense policy to empower land managers to use the tools they need to quickly address the mismanagement of our forests before it becomes a catastrophe. I’m also proud to champion legislation like the EXPLORE Act, the Save Our Sequoias Act, the America’s Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act, and more that will make advancements to conserve our environment and ensure our public lands and forests are properly managed for Americans to enjoy for years to come.
Today and every day, let us celebrate our amazing and magnificent forests that God has so graciously blessed us with in America!