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Hail to our criminal in chief?


The Democrats are trying to put Donald Trump in jail.
The Republicans are trying to put Joe Biden in jail – along with the rest of his extended political crime family.
Both sides think the only way they can win is by putting their opponent in jail.
Is this what our beat up republic has to look forward to as we head for the election in November?
The country is not just going to Hell in a handbasket, it’s already there.
I’m watching an invasion of illegal immigrants parading across the open border in Texas and crawling down the hills south of San Diego like a bunch of ants.
They’re coming in from China and all over the planet. And they’re going straight to sanctuary cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philly to get their free hotel rooms and free credit cards.
The mayors of those cities are crying and whining about how they can’t handle the tens of thousands of illegals who’ve swamped their social services, spiked their crime rates and blown up their city budgets.
But to quote our supposedly 14th greatest president, “Come on, man.”
It was these same Trump-hating “leaders” of blue cities and blue states and their ilk who created the sanctuaries in the first place.
They just thought they’d never have to pay the fiscal or political bill for their virtue signaling.
Joe Biden has recently begun blaming Trump and the Republicans for the border crisis, but he’s the fool who threw the gates to America wide open the day he took the oath of office.
I get it that Congress and the Republicans need to get their acts together on immigration – or anything else important, like $2 trillion annual budget deficits.
But Trump was in office for four years and we didn’t have a massive homeland invasion – or a war overseas. Or 8 percent inflation. Or … you name it.
So what we’re going to get is four more years of either Trump or Biden?
Unless Biden’s managers yank him from the mound in the bottom of the ninth for Gavin Newsom, the slick lefthander from California, it’s going to be a rematch of 2020 without as much vote fraud.
We’re going to have two old geezers running for office who won’t debate each other. They’ll just call each other names and hold friendly townhalls with their journalist pals at Fox or CNN.
A minority of us will listen to Fox, Newsmax and our favorite conservative pundits tell us over and over how bad Biden is and how he should be in jail – but never will be.
About half of the country will listen to the deranged liberal media continue to say Trump is worst president in history and should be doing hard time for whatever fake crimes partisan prosecutors in New York can dream up.
As we know, for the liberal media and Democrats, legal principles don’t apply for Trump and all is fair in their forever war to keep Trump out of the White House.
Meanwhile, Biden’s America is becoming a third world country.
On the sidewalks of New York, Los Angeles and every major city, it looks like we’re already there. Plus, it looks like we now have the perfect leaders for a banana republic – two criminals.
So who do you like in 2024 – Criminal Trump or Criminal Biden?
Based on the damage Biden has done to everything he’s touched at home and overseas, and the fact that Old Joe is so clearly diminished in mind and body, Trump should be the overwhelming favorite.
But remember that red wave that everyone predicted was going to sweep America in 2022? On Election Day, it never hit the shore.
So far it looks like this fall it’s going to come down to the question, “Who’s the least criminal?”
The choice of whom to vote for could be our worst ever, but the right one for me and the country should be simple – Trump, even if he’s behind bars.

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