This week, President Trump delivered his annual State of the Union Address to Congress. Under this administration, we've seen a booming economy, the lowest unemployment rate in decades and new international trade deals.

In the president's address, we heard the inspiring stories of several Americans. Brig. Gen. Charles McGehee, a Tuskegee Airman who celebrated his 100th birthday in December, attended with his great-grandson that hopes to someday serve in the U.S. Space Force. Ellie Schneider was born at just 21 weeks old and is one of the youngest babies to survive in the U.S. Today, she is two years old. Amy Williams, a hardworking military spouse with two young children, was reunited with her husband, Sgt. Townsend Williams, after his fourth deployment.

President Trump also tasked Congress to draft legislation and address his priorities. These included environmental stewardship, drug pricing reform and protecting the lives of the unborn. Since the Senate voted to acquit President Trump of impeachment this week, Congress has no excuse to delay these requests. I am relieved that we can finally move away from the issue of impeachment to get back to the business of legislating, and I am excited to work on the issues at hand.

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