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Ozark Chinquapin Foundation 2018 Annual Public Meeting


Meeting Agenda

9:00AM WELCOME! – Introductions from Chris Wyatt Arkansas Department of Forestry and Steve Bost, President/Founder of Ozark Chinquapin Foundation. Why we are here.

9:10AM Remembering When – Inspiring first-hand accounts of the tree from Harold Adams and Al Knox of how important the tree once was.

9:20AM Saving an American Treasure, The Ozark Chinquapin – Steve Bost, President/Founder of the Ozark Chinquapin Foundation. The history of the tree, its historic range, its loss from our forest and the incredible restoration work today to reintroduce this tree!

10:05AM Creation of Research Plot at Hobbs State Park Arkansas – Al Knox of Hobbs State Park describes the “Tree Roots” effort of himself, Steve Chyrchel, Park staff and Volunteers to save and restore this tree in Northwest Arkansas.

10:25AM Leaf Analysis for Blight Resistance, Pollination Surprises & Website Responses – Leslie Bost, OCF Breeding and Field Researcher- shares cutting edge field and laboratory techniques to identify blight resistance by leaf assay. He also shares little know blooming secrets of the trees as well as updates on members joining and nut collection.

10:45AM How Trees Talk – Leslie Bost, creator of our new website and online joining, shares how the public has responded to new site.

10:50AM Musical Break by Donna and Kelly Mulhollan


11:05AM Saving the American Chestnut In Georgia-Mark Stoakes, former President of Georgia Chapter and a National Board Member of the American Chestnut Foundation and Lifetime member of Ozark Chinquapin Foundation, describes the work to restore the American chestnut in his home state, what they have learned and Ozark chinquapin plantings in Georgia.

11:50AM Award Presentation for Rebecca Tindall – People Making a Difference.

11:55AM Group Photo

12:00 LUNCH

1:00PM Using Biotechnology to Restore the Ozark Chinquapin – Hannah Carter Pilkey-Second year Masters Student working with Professor Powell’s lab at SUNY-ESF State University of New York College of Environmental Science & Forestry (SUNY-ESF) at Syracuse New York. Hannah describes cutting edge technology work to produce a blight resistant American chestnut and her work to produce a blight-resistant Ozark chinquapin.

1:30PM Tree Ring Analysis of Old Growth Ozark Chinquapin- Fred Paillet –Retired Professor of Geosciences University of Arkansas, shares his findings reconstructing old growth Ozark Chinquapin before and after the blight.

2:10PM Musical Break – Donna and Kelly Mulhollan -Singing for the trees.

2:20PM MDC State Nursery and Chinquapins as Wildlife Food Plots – Mike Fiaoni, Missouri Department of Conservation State Nursery Supervisor shares results from experiments growing Ozark Chinquapin. Preston Chapman, MDC Forester describes work on a new concept: Ozark Chinquapin tree food plots.

2:50PM The Return of the “Chinkypin” to the Buffalo River-Ross Noland. Executive Director of the Buffalo River Foundation Buffalo River Foundation describes a partnership with OCF to restore the tree back to its native range on Buffalo River Foundation land near the Buffalo River.

3:15PM Research Test Plot OXO A.J Hendershott, Regional Supervisor, Missouri Department of Conservation, describes the location and plan for planting and monitoring the new experimental Ozark Chinquapins with genetics for resistance. A.J. also shares Facebook updates!

3:45PM Applying What We Know- Steve Bost and Jerry Plunkett – What will we do tomorrow that is significant, discussion and feedback, open forum.

4:00PM Wrap up


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