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Location, location, location


This is not a column on real estate.

Well, maybe it is. 

Just a different kind of real estate.

It is no secret that I am a Kansas City Royals fan. Coming into the new season I knew that the Royals were going to be good. They have achieved about what I have expected of them.

During all of this baseball season that is in its third month, have I mentioned how good the Royals are doing and how the other Missouri team is having a season that has fans calling for the firing of the manager.

That team is around .500 and there are 100 games left to play. Things are not over.

This season we have already visited my Royals. They lost the game, but I got my friends hooked on location.

Becky, Brad Maberry and Karla Gray and I had a great trip. After spending some time at the mothership of retail — Dillard's and the Amish greenhouses in central Missouri as well as their electric-free country store where we spent time.

Then the location kicked in.

At Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, we had tickets in the Diamond Club.

Sounds fancy.

It is a little. The Diamond Club is located behind homeplate.

When checking in, you get your hand stamped so that you can travel around the stadium and get back into "The Club."

I was a very good little league player, but my parents worked for a living so I didn't have a ride to Valley Springs during the day to play the sport longer.

I never learned all of the advance pitches and how they looked coming into the batter.

That is becoming a thing of the past as I have had the opportunity to sit behind homeplate at Royals games.

I can see how the pitch leaves the pitcher's hand and how it looks in flight to the batter.

Brad enjoyed the seats as well. He was a catcher growing up. He loved our seats and stated that is the only place he wants to sit.

Another benefit of this location is the waiter or waitress that comes with the seats. 

Whatever you want, they will get it for you. Want a helmet of Kansas City barbeque nachos, no problem.

Another benefit is moving upstairs to some tables.

I have a wife that has a problem with overheating at Major League Baseball stadiums. We have been in a stadium ambulance before. 

With "Club" seating you can move up to air-conditioned seating and cool down on those hot, hot days.

Location, location, location. 

Diamond Club at Royals Stadium is the right spot.

Jeff Brasel is the sports and managing editor and general manager of the Newton County Times. Email him at sports@newtoncountytimes.com or follow him on X at jeffbrasel@X.