Everyone is ready for 2020 to be completed.

Everyone is trying to move on to some brighter days.

Everyone is trying to put the last months behind us.

Everyone doesn’t include the professional sports leagues that wants to continue to drone with the season that has been suspended since March.

I know it is all about the money, but at what point do we say “enough is enough.”

The NBA wants to crank back up and play some regular season games. Now, all of the teams will not be playing.

The teams that will be playing are the teams that have a shot at the playoffs. That means that we are adding regular season games into the mix to go with the pre-Covid-19 regular season games.

Those last few regular season games are to begin on July 31 with all games being held at an Orlando theme park complex.

Players are to fly into Orlando on July 7. Then the visitors will have to abide by Florida Covid-19 rules. Some of those rules include travelers being quarantined if they are flying from a Covid-19 hotspot such as New York.

There will be some scrimmages involved before beginning the July 31 date.

Then the two-month long NBA playoffs will begin sometime later. The plan is to get the championship series over before Halloween.

Yes, October.

The National Hockey League is looking for ways to save its season as well.

Coming up with a formula to start the playoffs, the NHL is looking at ways to start practice as early as next week and finish with a Stanley Cup being awarded.

The Major League Baseball season may never start. The Player’s Association and the owners of the clubs are arguing on several points. Who knows if this will get resolved in time to have a season.

Also, the players don’t want to take any more of a pay cut. I know people with multi-million dollar mansions can’t make it on $5,000 a week, but if you are not playing at all, that appears to be a big pay cut to me.

I really do look forward to sports, but put an asterisk by the 2020 champions and start all over when the your season is suppose to start.

Who really wants to pick which game to watch between the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA when they are all playing at the same time. Plus, throw college football into the mix.

How will the athletes’ bodies come back from a longer than normal season. The NBA players will play from June of this year until June of next year with maybe three weeks off. How is that good for a player? Will more injuries occur late in regular season or early in the playoffs because of the consistent wear and tear.

I have watched high school kids that have played basketball year round. Their bodies didn’t adjust that well. They got tired. Will the 30-year old men that already have a lot of mileage be able to survive playing hard for an entire straight year?

Everyone is a winner in 2020. Stick a fork in it.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at jeffb@harrisondaily.com

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