Rush hike offers challenges, rewards

There is a lot of history on the trail. Remains of mining areas and the equipment that was used dot the hill side.

RUSH — While the ghost town of Rush lies near the water’s edge of the Buffalo River, the Rush trail is high above offering challenges of its own.

The 3.6 mile trail has many things that will make it a fun walk for anyone needing a good workout.

There is a lot of history on the trail that has a pair of beginning points. One entrance to the trail begins the launch and takeout spot of the Buffalo National River. Above the launch area there is a pavilion. Across the parking lot from the pavilion is one of the beginnings of the hike.

This spot is very close to the midpoint of the trail. It is 1.6 miles from the Clabber Creek lookout area and 1.5 miles from the mining district of Rush.

The second entrance to the trail is in the middle of the remains of Rush. 

Beginning in Rush, alpinist will have to find a set of steps that lead to the trail. It is a .17 of a mile climb to the top of Rush Mountain. After reaching this height, the trail levels out and from that point there is small increases and decreases in level of the hike.

When reaching the top of the trail, the remains of the Morning Star mines are found. Morning Star was one of the larger mining companies during the zinc ore rush.

Morning Star had a hotel, bunk house, homes, doctors and stores for its employees.

A quick left off the main trail will take visitors to two mine entrances. All of the mine entrances along the trail have been closed off. However, there is room for eyes to visit the opening in the mountain for good views.

About a quarter of a mile from the first mine shaft is the area where the ore was lowered to the smelters below.

At this point, there is an old ore cart that is there for viewing.

About .75 of a mile along the trail, walkers will begin to view mines that belong to the MacIntosh Mining Company.

About a mile into the hike, the path gets very narrow with areas to slide down the hill. Good shoes will be a line of defense during this dangerous part of the trail.

After passing the trail entrance that is located by the launching point of Rush Landing, there will be several more mines. 

The White Eagle Mill, New Mine and Monte Cristo Mine are all located in about a half mile stretch along the mountain top.

Remains of these mining areas and the equipment that was used dot the hill side. The walk is a workout and at times is very narrow. Insect repellent should be on the list of things for this hike as well as adequate hydration.

When completing the walk, the cool waters of the Buffalo River await those that successfully completed the endeavor.

Getting to the Rush area is very easy. In Yellville, take Arkansas Highway 14 south. When reaching the town sign of Caney, go 1.3 miles and turn left on MC 6035. 

This is a paved road. It will be about 5 miles to reach Rush. The last half mile of the trip will be steep grade. At the bottom of that hill, the paved road turns dirt. It is not very far from the ghost town and it is about a mile to the launching area of the river.

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