If I didn’t do crazy things and laugh at myself I would not have much fun! This morning I sat down and had breakfast and drank a cup of coffee that tasted so good. A little while later I decided to have another cup of coffee. I had gotten up at four again for no good reason except I was just finished sleeping. Anyway, I sat down in my comfortable chair and watched TV while drinking my second cup of coffee. I set it on the arm of the chair with me holding it so it would not tip over while I watched TV. In a short time, I awoke with a hot cup of coffee in my lap and all down in the chair (thankfully, it was leather). I moved quickly and started stripping down and wiping down the chair while I heading to the washing machine with my wet clothes. Guess Maxwell House will be happy I am not suing them. Ha Ha. Too late, that has already been done! I could only laugh at myself and decide I didn’t really need another cup of coffee.

My girls decided to have Thanksgiving dinner at Amanda’s house since she lives in Fayetteville. Thankfully, it was not raining hard while I loaded pies, etc. in Garfield and then when I got to her house it was raining lightly so could get food in without getting soaked. Rachael brought bread that she makes daily where she works and was told she could make ours there, too. Kara worked at the hospital and was let off around 1:30 and Elisa got there after having been to HB’s family in Muskogee. We had 14 at the house and it was a pleasant day with all my girls together with friends and extended family. My girls are good cooks and I was told I didn’t need to help. I had taken green bean casserole, carrots, green beans, frozen cranberry salad, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and raisin pie. With all the food Amanda and friends had cooked we had more than enough to eat! Colorado, Mary Margaret, Samantha, and Pearl had a good time together until the first three had to go to the next family’s get-together. I am thankful for my family and the time we were together. Hopefully, you had a pleasant time with your family and/or friends.

We are jumping into the next holiday. Saturday many of us went to church to decorate the church for the Christmas season. Advent season in the church is beginning and then Christmas is celebrated. Today the women of my church had Advent by Candlelight which we do each year. Usually, it is done at night but it was decided to try 1-3 p.m. after church this year. We all take holiday goodies, sing Christmas songs and have a program that gives information about the songs when they were first sung. It is a pleasant afternoon with church friends and guests. The Lutheran Church like some others celebrates Advent each Sunday and Wednesday before Christmas. We usually serve soup and sandwiches on Wednesday evenings before the service.

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