This has been quite a week. Watching our boys and girls play Tennessee was almost too much to take! The boys final score was 74 to 79, with them coming out on top. Then the next game was the girls and the score was 73 to 88, in their favor. By the 9th, we were ready for the men to win playing Georgia. The final score was 69 to 99, in our favor. I was sure we would go ahead and shoot the final shot to take the score to 100, but no. On Sunday afternoon the girls played Texas A & M for a loss to them with a score of 74 to 73. I thought we were going to get that last shot, but just couldn’t do it. If you enjoy basketball, then you are probably enjoying the games because we really do have great players. We have a couple of games this week, men on the 13th and women on the 14th.

This was a week of sadness. Our outgoing president invited a large number of his followers to Washington D.C. to hear him in a rally to rush into the U. S. Capitol while the members of Congress were finalizing the votes to announce Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. Many of the people who came to be a part of this event were dressed out in weird garb to go into the Capitol to do damage. Some looked like they were there to do harm to the members of Congress gathered there to do their work. Five people died due to this mess. I understand the policeman was knocked out with a fire extinguisher and then beaten with the United States flag poles. I could not believe how easily they were able to enter the Capitol. That makes me concerned with foreign powers doing the same! It felt like the police force that was there had been told to not do anything to the mob! I think the FBI are looking into that same thought. I was ashamed to see the man who made sure everyone saw him sitting in in Pelosi’s office was from Gravette, Arkansas. He is now in FBI custody in Little Rock. Quoting from a news article from the AR Dem Gazette, “he is just one of many that will be arrested. Steven M. D’Antuono, assistant director in charge of the FBI Washington Field Office, said the Capitol is “one of the most iconic buildings in our country and a symbol of the Constitution. “Its destruction will not be tolerated,” he said.

Seeing all these people following Trump makes me think of kids who need friends and a mission to accomplish which quite often is what makes up our gangs. To be a part of something is important no matter what the goal is.

My sister, Patty, had to go to the Springdale hospital due to extreme pain in her back. They are doing tests to find out how to treat it. Hopefully, she will be out of the hospital soon. All of her kids have joined in to help out at home with Bob and the dog, Maggie.

We must get serious with this pandemic. It seems like we are going to have to stay home more, stay away from everyone, wash more carefully, and really wear our mask and wear it correctly! I see so many people who think they are wearing a mask, but they don’t have their nose covered. My thinking is that when a covid 19 test is done it is through the nose. The virus must be in the nose so it MUST be covered to contain the germ.

Have a great week!


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