This has been quite a week. Having just gotten through a number of days without much heat, I felt empathy for all those Texans who have not had any heat or water, and gas was a problem, as well.  There were deaths that occurred because of the lack of heat and severe cold. I am sure we will find many who have gotten covid-19 as part of this week being so close without washing, and not wearing a mask.

Looking back, I realized it had been Valentine’s day, President’s Day, and the beginning of the Christian Advent season on Wednesday.This has been a week of holidays that we celebrate.Even with all the disaster going on, we still celebrate even if in a different manner than in the past.When I retired, I couldn’t keep up with the days.The only way I had to mark what day it was was to know I had gone to church on Sunday.With the covid-19, I don’t drive into church each week but I do virtual church and Bible Study each Sunday morning.That helps me know what day it is during the week.  Now I will be doing Advent service on Wednesday, so I will need to watch the calendar a little better.  When I go into Rogers to shop or go to the pharmacy, I seem to spend all afternoon getting those jobs done.The snow made me stay home.I didn’t leave for over a week to go shopping.A person could get used to staying home all the time.I need to find a good book to read. I may have to actually reread some of my books. I forget what I have read until I get into the book a chapter or two. If it was good then I decide to finish it the second time.

I signed up to get my covid-19 shot in January, and as I do, it was on a long list. There were 7,000 people who had already signed up so it would be quite a while before I was my turn. I emailed and asked if I was still on the list? There were only 1000 ahead of me now. Then the snow hit! I am expecting to get my first shot soon. I looked into Walmart and the appointments were full for the week at every store around. I saw 500 people got shots in a drive through in Bentonville on Saturday.  Getting closer!

Wear your mask, watch your distance, and wash your hands carefully and often. Stay safe, stay positive!

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