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That climb a hill really, really fast


Every guy knows this situation. I don’t know it very well because, well, I am special.
There is that fear of asking a girl out and getting rejected. That is really demoralizing for a guy. Some girls are not very kind in their let down of the guys.
I have heard some girls reject guys and they have been brutal. The rejections have probably been a source of many sessions on the a sofa in an office some where.
When the former Arkansas basketball coach left, I had flash backs to junior high once again. I had flash backs to the realization that Arkansas athletics is not on the same page as the elite colleges in America. This is a feeling that I didn’t want to have…again.
If Hog fans remember, we went through this situation with the hiring of a Sam Pittman as football coach.
We went after some big names and were shot down. These coaches were obviously the pretty girls that saw no need in coming to Arkansas.
We battled Ole Miss and Mississippi State for a new coach. They got name brands and we got an offensive line coach that had coached at Arkansas before. In the pecking order of college coaches, offensive line coach — even at Georgia — are way down the line.
Critics across the nation looked down on us. An expert in college football gave us a D- for the hire and one gave us a C-.
he first couple of years, our lowly regarded coach out preformed the others. That hasn’t been the case lately — well, one of those coaches died, so I guess we can only compare Pittman to Ole Miss now.
When the list of the top three candidates came out, it was obvious that the ones that we had didn’t have a clean record, but almost everyone has some violation against them. One of the guys had a few hours in jail for beating his wife. One had federal charges after a success wire tap. One had been in a place that had a player murder a teammate.

So, there are all of those things.
Those boys kindly turned us down and then boom. The Becky Thomason of the coaching world took our call. If you don’t know who Becky Thomason is, she is the most beautiful girl ever to graduate from Valley Springs High School. She is the sweetest girl to ever have graduated from there as well.
Well, Becky…I mean John Calipari took our call and then agreed to meet with us.
He is one of the top coaches in America and he is now ours at the University of Arkansas.
During his introduction, they held up a uniform with Calipari on the back of it. It wasn’t for show, it was because he may have to suit up for the Hogs this year.
He is the only coach in America without a single player on the team. That is about to change and I laugh at all of those players that jumped ship when the former coach left. They may want to be back now, but my thoughts are so sorry you blew it.
I don’t think Calipari would put up with all of the Devo drama queen stuff.
It is a new day and Arkansas is being talked about on a national level. Half of the time in a degrading way..”Why would he leave Kentucky for Arkansas?” But, we are being talked about.
I have another happy thought. When Eddie Sutton left Arkansas and took the Kentucky job, he said that he would have crawled to Kentucky for that job. Well, Arkansas flew their planes to Kentucky to get their new coach.

Jeff Brasel is the sports and managing editor and general manager of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at sports@newtoncountytimes or follow him at X.com/jeffbrasel.