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We tend to use the words “diet” and “nutrition” interchangeably, and while the two are related, there is a difference. Diet, quite simply, refers to the food you eat. Nutrition is a little more complex. It is the science that deals with how your body use


Have you ever had a cat that wants to be involved in everything you do? My cat, Violet, is that type of cat. A lot of times she is sleeping, but when she isn’t she is checking into everything I do. Just a little busy body! Jane has a cat like that, too.
This past week started out with me reading scripture at church, Bible study and church. Then on Monday, I played bridge in Springdale at the Senior Center. The group of eight women eat lunch there and then play bridge all afternoon. It is nice to be back doing things we used to do twice a month.
I belong to an EHC group in Rogers (New Meadowbrook) who has taken the Spay Arkansas center in Springdale as one of our projects. Our group also makes blankets/quilts for children who need them. Some of the group prepares sandwiches and brownies or cookies once a month and take them to the center. We also take medicine bottles we have stripped the labels off so they can use them when they send an animal home with a pill, etc. after spaying them. We take newspapers for them to use in the center. By the end of the week, we gathered with the Benton County EHC at the Hiwassee City Park for a picnic. It is an absolutely beautiful park! We sat in a pavilion that had fans on the ceiling and medal tables with plastic coating on the benches and tables. The Park has sidewalks all around and a very nice restroom.
On Wednesday evening my church choir met for the second time since no masks are needed. Our director is pregnant, so we are recording some of the songs we practice so we don’t have to practice so often. We sang at the second service for the first time in sixteen months.
Many people have been watching the Razorbacks play baseball trying to win the Super Regionals to get to Omaha. It took us three games to win the Super Regionals at the field in Fayetteville. NC State just wouldn’t give up. We won one game with 21 to 2 score. The next game they won with a score of 6 to 5. The third game we lost by one point in the ninth inning. What a heart breaker. Our outstanding pitcher, Kevin Kopps pitched for eight innings and was pulled out (thinking we needed a change), and we didn’t! NC State hit a homerun to make the winning score. Kevin Kopps is an outstanding pitcher and has broken records, etc. He will be recognized for his many accomplishments. What a year of baseball! The number of spectators in the stadium was 12,000-14,000 each night. The number watching on TV was big, too.
Monday, Amanda, Mary Margaret, and I are going to Springfield, Missouri, to be given a tour of her college. Missouri State has given her a scholastic scholarship and cross-country track scholarship. We are looking forward to getting her into the college.
Jane called me tonight to tell me about her trip home from Mountain Home where she had gone for dinner with her son, David and Daya, who are camping there. On her way back she was near Optimus and had a big black bear cross in front of her. She tried to get a picture of it, but another car got in the way. Arkansas is an interesting place to live.
Have a great week.


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