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Letter to the editor: Visitor complains of condition of some county roads


I live in Washington County. But I am a frequent visitor to Newton County. I especially love the Buffalo River Area. Sometimes I attend church at Shiloh United Baptist Church. I also have many friends that live on the west side of the county. I came down on Saturday May 22nd, 2021; to attend the Shiloh Decoration on Sunday May 23rd, 2021. I spent the night with friends.
I cannot believe the condition of roads on the west side of the county. They are horrible! I have a 4 wheel drive truck, and it nearly beat me to death with all the holes and the awful condition of the roads in general.
Do you have a county judge? Does he know how bad of shape these roads have become from neglect from the county road department? Does the JP's on the quorum court know how bad your roads are? If I were a tax payer in Newton county, I promise you I would be a frequent visitor to the quorum court meetings.
I promise you good people that live on the west side of Newton County, I am not the only one who recognizes how big of a problem your roads are!!! Some holes are big enough to cause a lot of damage to a vehicle! I can only imagine the repairs bills some of you must have for maintenance issues.
There is a huge hole about half way up Walker Mt. The road itself is like a washboard! The road that stretches from Mossville all the way to Low Gap, is just like a washboard also.
I certainly sympathize with all of you, that have no other choice but to travel these roads everyday for work and other necessities.

Debra Goodman
Fayetteville, AR


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