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At least Razorbacks are not last on one list


I am an Arkansas Razorback fan.
No matter the sport, I am for the Hogs.
My New Year’s resolution was not to call anyone an idiot. I feel I had to make the decision in my life after a car pulled over in front of me around Christmas time and my four-year old grandson yelled “idiot” from his car seat.
I have watched Razorback basketball and not one time this year have I called any player an idiot. I just accept the fact that we are not very good — despite having some key pieces.
I ran across something that almost made me say idiot.
In my email box was a listing of the last 10-win season for SEC football teams.
It listed them by the last year that they had a 10-win season.
Not surprising, Vanderbilt has never had a 10-win season. Ever. That is really disappointing. They have had some good teams — well they always seemed to be good when Arkansas was on their schedule — over the years. Never a 10-win season.
Then a team that really surprised me with their last 10-win season was Kentucky.
We all know that they are a basketball school, but the Wildcats have not had a 10-win since 1977.
That is nearly 50-years without 10 wins.
Then No. 12 out of the current 14 SEC schools and they will be No. 14 out of the future 16 SEC schools is the Arkansas Razorbacks.
The Hogs have not had a 10-win football season since 2011. We had double digit wins in back-to-back seasons when Bobby Petrino was head coach.
Bobby is back at Arkansas after he left, well was not rehired, by the sinking ship that was Texas A&M football.
The Aggies sank more money into buying players than most schools and they ended up with a dismal season.
That brings us to the next school that has not had a 10-win season. Texas A&M had their last in 2012.
I always thought of the Hogs as being a middle tier team in the SEC.
That may not be the case. We might be a lower level team in the SEC.
Thank goodness Razorback baseball season starts very soon. I would love to win a College World Series. I pray we don’t Carson Shaddy it up.

Jeff Brasel is the sports and managing editor of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at sports@newtoncountytimes.com or follow him at X.com/jeffbrasel.