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As life goes by


I try to recall what was happening 40 years ago. I do know Grayson and I had a foster child, Laurie Pac. She was fourteen the year we got her in 1979. Elisa, my oldest child was seven and Amanda was five. In the summer of 1979, I had already signed up for my final summer of schooling at University Central Arkansas getting my masters in Reading, not knowing we would get Laurie at the beginning of the summer. The next summer in 1980, I realized I was going to have a baby in July. All three of the girls were on the swim team in Mountain View. We spent the summer at the pool. I spent a lot of time in the children’s pool while they practiced each morning. We had many swim meets and worked them each time they were in Mountain View. The other meets we sat in the sun and cheered them on. The worst sunburn I ever received was when I worked one of the last meets of the season. I had blisters on my shoulders that were unbelievable! The pharmacist told me to use Vitamin E oil and aloe Vera mixed up into a sticky paste. It worked miracles. I never had pain or scars from that burn. All three of the girls were excellent swimmers and learned to dive from the high dive that summer. They spent many hours at the pool.

Even though it was hot, we decided to go to the drive-in to see Star Wars and Rocky 2. I do remember I watched Rocky 2 and slept through Star Wars. That wasn’t my choice of movies but I was so pregnant and it was hot and late so I couldn’t stay awake! We drove home and got everyone in bed around midnight. At about 2 a.m. I realized my water had broken and I jumped out of bed so I would not have to clean up the sheets. I went back into the room and told Grayson he needed to wake up. He wondered why! When I told him my water had broken which had not happened with the first two babies, he got a little more interested in waking up. We lived in Mountain View and had to drive to Calico Rock to the hospital. About half way there my labor pains started! By 4:44 a.m. we had a third baby girl. She was 24 inches long and has grown to six feet tall. Rachael is left handed and is very intelligent and musically talented. Daddy was left handed and it has not been a surprise for one of my girls to be left handed.

This pandemic has been hard on everyone in one way or another. In Rachael’s case, she has worked at a pizza restaurant which has tried to stay in business but decided to close again. How to make it without a job and to be able to pay bills is the question. Hopefully, everyone will wear a mask so we can get businesses open again, for keeps. Please try to be a part of the answer rather than part of the problem. We can do it and we need to do it! One month of everyone doing it should make a big difference!

The citizens of the state of Arkansas will be wearing masks any time we are outside or in businesses beginning this week. I am happy our governor has made the decision for everyone in the state to wear the masks. Please help us get rid of this virus!

I have been trying to find the Neowise Comet and can’t seem to locate it. I have been seeing pictures of it from people who have found it. It is near the big dipper/north star. I have located the area on my Star map on my phone but haven’t seen it yet. Have a good week.


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