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Arkansas Insurance Department offers tips for Arkansans facing severe weather


LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Alan McClain released the following tips for Arkansas consumers ahead of the next bout of severe weather in the forecast:
“Arkansas is again under the threat of severe weather,” said Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Alan McClain. “ I strongly encourage Arkansans to follow these simple steps to ensure that any loss or damage they may suffer can be handled as quickly as possible. The Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) is ready to help any consumer requiring assistance with the insurance needs following severe weather.”
Arkansans needing assistance can call AID’s Consumer Services Division toll free at 1-800-852-5494.
Do you have the right insurance?
This is the main question Arkansas consumers should ask themselves. McClain encourages Arkansans to check their coverage. Not all policies cover water damage, debris or tree removal, sewer backups due to flooding, or additional living expenses if disaster forces you to be displaced from your home. You should also check limits, including coverage for contents.
Federal Flood Insurance

Homeowners and Renters insurance does not cover flooding. Consider buying federal flood insurance if damage from rising water is possible. Keep in mind that federal flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect.
Auto Policy
Check your auto policy. Comprehensive coverage (other than collision) pays if a storm or flood damages your car.
Inventory Your Personal Property
Photograph and videotape each room and the exterior of your home. List model and serial numbers and attach sales receipts. Safeguard your records. Keep copies of both, including receipts, somewhere other than your home.