Take a trip to Sweden Falls

KINGSTON — During the dry summer months, there are very few waterfalls that are still flowing.

Sweden Falls between Kingston and Boxley still has water flowing and offers a nice view for visitors.

The view for the visitors is great from the top or the bottom of the cascading water.

Sweden Creek Natural Area is part of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. This is a piece of land that is just more than 130 acres. This land was donated to the Commission and has three buildings standing from the donors of the land.

There is an out building, a garage and a two story home with a basement. The buildings are in remarkable shape after being abandoned for more than 30 years.

Getting to the waterfall, hikers follow the old road that led to the homestead. It has grown up some, but it is wide enough to allow three or four wide bodies to merrily travel down the path side-by-side.

After a short visit to look at the buildings, visitors will travel down the path just a few more feet. At this point the path divides itself.

Traveling to the right will take visitors to the bottom of the waterfall. The left will lead visitors to the top of the waterfall. It would be nice to see both areas.

The right path should be taken first. It travels over some rougher areas and will take more energy to get to the destination.

Beginning to the bottom of the waterfall will be a steep climb. However, rocks are located in areas that can be used as steps. No more than 15 feet into the path, there will be side trails to the north. These trails lead to several other little waterfalls which offer an appetite to the larger waterfall coming.

The rougher trail travels by three bluff overhangs and during the rainy season can be damp like caves.

Travel to the waterfall from the path split is .33 of a mile. That last few feet of the trip are fairly steep.

When at the bottom looking at the fall, the drop is 81 foot for the cool water. During the rainy seasons there is a large pool of water for playing. This pool disappears underground and reappears in Sweden Creek about 50-foot away.

The bottom area offers climbing for the adventurous and nice rocks to sit on to enjoy nature at its best.

After viewing the bottom, visitors take the third of a mile hike back to the main path. At this point, a tour to the top of the falls is necessary.

The bluff line part of the hike is very level with very little stress in moving. The only stress could be wild children getting close to the edge of the bluff.

At the quarter of a mile point, there will be a perfect place to photograph the waterfall. Visitors are even with the top of the falls and get a photograph with the water.

This should not be the stopping point of the upper path trail. Just a few more feet will offer a nature lesson for all.

The water from the hills runs off into flat rocks that lead to the branch that creates Sweden Falls. Over the years, the rain has worn paths in the rocks that leads to the branch.

This branch has also done a great job of forging a path. The water has worn as much as two foot out of the bluff that leads to the waterfall.

Reaching Sweden Falls from Harrison is an easy trek. Take Highway 43 south out of Harrison heading toward Ponca. Just past the Highway 103 exit, there is a paved road called Fire Tower Road. This road is located across Highway 43 from the Center Point Trailhead.

Travel the entire length of Fire Tower Road. It will end when it reaches Highway 21. Do not turn on Highway 21, but travel on to the dirt road across the highway. It is called 3260. This gravel road is a little rough in spots where the rain has washed it out. However, cars can make it without a problem.

At the original entrance to the trail, there parking spaces for three cars. There is parking along the road here. Just past the entrance, there is a new parking area. There is a trail from this area that meets the original trail about a third of a mile into the hike.

The trailhead is exactly 3 miles down this gravel road.

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