Sports column: We can go 3-on-3 now

In nearly 20 years of writing columns, I am sure I have said some of the same things.

I know that I have written six columns on my wife having cancer and our battles with health. I have mentioned a couple of times about getting my steps (I completed 1,500 straight days on Wednesday).

Now, I am writing my third column on a very important topic. I have grandson No. 3.

Yes, the Brasel girls are making me a very happy person.

On April 30, Harley Michael Herrera entered the world.

It was a joyful occasion, but it was like deja vu. When I first saw little Harley Michael, I realized that I had seen him before. I hadn’t, but he looked identical to my other two grandsons that are his first cousins.

I am not joking; he looked identical to the first two. As a matter of fact, in our family group text, a new game was started called "Name the Grandbaby."

As I have said before, to be in the Brasel family you have to have a personality and you have to fend for yourself. I’m not worried about No. 3 on either front.

He will let you know if he wants something or if he is in any way displeased with his current condition. He is a perfect fit in the family.

Of course, I don’t like it that he lives in St. Charles, Mo., but I am very proud that he does. He was born in Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur, Mo.

The birth process started great. Hannah was up and walking around and was in great shape. So was the baby.

However, as the process continued, bad things started occurring. At one point there were four or five doctors and five nurses all in the room with the family.

Before we got too far into the process of the birthing stay, the nursing crew had informed us that this may happen and that it is no big deal. 

Well, it turned out that it was a big deal. With each contraction, Harley Michael was losing oxygen and blood pressure. It was becoming alarming.

Finally, our doctor Dr. Meddows-Jackson came in, and after seeing one contraction, she said "Off to surgery we are going."

Of course, the family was left with tears in our eyes as they wheeled Hannah out of the room. They left the room at 6:18 and by 6:23, we had a healthy baby boy. Yes, five minutes we were on top of the world after having eyes filled with tears.

Another sobering moment happened for the family as a “Code Blue” was called to Hannah’s room. Even though Hannah was already out of the room and in surgery, it made us realize how precious life is and how quickly it can turn.

It only took a moment to put the gloom behind us to celebrate the life that God put before us.

Family is so important. I am so proud of Hannah and Mark and the life that they brought into this world. My heart swelled even more when I heard Mark reading the Bible to his newborn son.

Oh, Harley Michael, you better rest as a baby because you are about to have a great life full of fun and love ahead of you.

Harley, you have a big name to live up to. Harley Thomason, who you were named after, was the patriarch of your grandmother’s family. He was a leader of a huge family and an example of God to many. 

Now, our family will be committed to helping you to grow and be raised as you should be.

It will be our responsibility to teach you how to be a man of God. We will surround you with love on your road.

We will also be committed to you in helping to deflect all negativity that is around you. We want to put a bubble of security around you for as long as we can. 

We will make sure that you are raised where family is important. I am sure that your big cousins, Abram Henry and Atticus Hatcher, will be ready to help you enjoy life and to get into trouble.

I promise this to Harley Michael that his family is going to love him unconditionally. Your BeBe (Becky’s grandmother name); PP (my grampy name); GG (great grandma Shelby Brasel); Pa Pa (great grandpa Dean Brasel); Aunt Lake and Uncle Dusty (Harley will get to give them their family names); Nana Taw (great, great aunt Troylene Jones); Uncle Bill (great, great uncle Bill Jones; Aunt Jo (great, great aunt JoAnn Feemster; CC (great aunt Candy Brasel); T (great uncle Troy Brasel); Trent, Hunter, Erin, Mark and Kelli and the whole Thomason clan will all contribute in making your life wonderful. Of course, your mom and dad will not be able to stop the spoiling. They had better sit back and let it happen.

Harley Michael, I love you. I am so proud that you are my grandson.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at or follow him at

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