The National Football League took a hit a while back after kneeling for the playing of the national


Going into damage control, the league salvaged the image in a matter of three years.

Now, the NFL has released its complete schedule and the league is poised, ready to take off.

However, there is still this little virus that is going around that may throw a wrench into the plans of the most valuable league in the world.

The NFL is proceeding ahead with plans for fans in the stands come September, however, the league is watching another league through its trials.

Major League Baseball owners released a plan to have a season starting in July. The owners adjusted the schedule as well as the number of games. There is a strong possibility of not having fans in the stands when the season starts.

They have everything ready to go except for the players.

The MLB player’s union has made it very clear that they would not approve anything that would including the reduction of financial packages for the players.

Rob Manfred, who is the commissioner of MLB, is very hopeful that there will be baseball this summer and thinks that the league will reach an agreement between the two sides.

However, sources say that the player’s union will not move from its stance on finances in the near future.

The players have already agreed to a pro-rated salary schedule. However, if there are no fans in the stands, the league revenue will take a hit.

Professional sports are a business. If the business owners take a loss, that is the nature of a business. An owner finds ways to make up the loss like charging an extra dollar for a hot dog or increasing the price of a program.

I know that there is a massive workforce outside of the players. There is the front office personnel, security, grounds crew, umpires, people that work the stadium on game day and many more people.

NFL is an observer now. How will their observation serve them as they watch the MLB?

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at sports@ or follow him at jeffbrasel.

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