As the last few months of baseball season is upon us, it looks like it is going to be another interesting time in Major League Baseball.

I enjoyed the old days when there were only two divisions in each league. The two winners played for the league championship and then went to the World Series.

Then MLB moved to three divisions and the three winners along with best remaining team all played a four-team bracket to move to the World Series.

After a few years of this, there became a true wildcard race. The three winners moved to the playoffs and then the top two remaining teams play a one-game series. The winner moves on to the four-bracket tournament for a berth in the World Series.

In the National League, the Dodgers are rolling. They have a 14.5 game lead over Arizona and San Francisco.

With the Dodgers rolling in the West, the East has a three team race going.

Atlanta is back at the top of the standings. The Braves have roughly a five-game lead over Washington and Philadelphia. Atlanta is playing sub .500 ball over the last two weeks while the Nationals and Phillies are making their moves.

Over the last week, the National League Central has become interesting. St. Louis has made a move into the top of the race. The Cardinals were in third place last week and now have joined the Cubs at the top. The Brewers are now in third place only a game out of first. All five teams in the league are within 10 games of each other.

Like the National League Central, the American League Central is also a tight race between the top teams. Minnesota has a 2 game lead over Cleveland. 

New York has led the American League East since the beginning of the season. The Yankees have a nearly double-digit lead over Tampa Bay and Boston. 

Houston has a nice lead over Oakland. The Astros have been playing solid ball to increase their lead to almost double digits.

Baseball season is going to finish strong as it usually does.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Newton County Times. E-mail him at or follow him at

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