This week my wife Becky and I got to spend a wonderful week with some amazing teenagers.

We rode along with the First Baptist Church's youth group on their annual missions trip to St. Louis. The trip was fruitful with salvations and special bonds that were made.

This was our third trip with the group. Every Tuesday night of the trip is a free night to let the mission teams have fun. This year the fun activity was a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game. I guess it was fun in theory to some people.

I am not a Cardinal fan. It is nothing against the Dead Birds, but I spent some early years of my life living in Kansas City. That would make me a Royals' fan.

My third grandson lives in St. Charles, outside of St. Louis. His mom and dad, Hannah and Mark, have been important helpers in the team's mission excursions. 

Sweet Ryan Puls is our youth pastor and I got the dreaded text message.

"How many tickets do you need for the game? Does Hannah and Mark want to go?"

The answer to this question was very important to me as a baseball fan. Do I allow my own flesh and blood's first pro baseball game be a Cardinals game? My precious grandson Harley Michael is only 75 days old.

Of course this text came after Becky and I had a knock down drag out fight about her trying to buy a Molina jersey. My goodness, if you buy a jersey, don't get one of the man that spread "stick em" to his catcher's protective gear. There was so much glue on it that a baseball stuck to it during a game.

Anyway, I decided that time with the family...holding my grandson...was more important than worrying about Harley's first professional game.

So, I asked the kids about going to the game. Luckily, they were out of town. I caught a break.

The game was OK. Becky and I walked the stadium like we always do. The new Busch was pretty.

The stadium had some nice areas for kids, but as a man with three grandsons, I need better playground areas and more things for pre-K kids.

Becky and I scoped out the food. The prices were the highest of any stadium that I have visited. However, we decided on some El Birdo Nachos and hot dogs.

It has been a while since I have been able to get all of my vegetables on a chip…thanks Jonathan Dove.

I enjoyed the game and the experience except for the one annoying fan that set in front of us three seats down . She listened to every conversation that we had and joined into them as well. 

She kept yelling things directed at me. I turned my cheek seven times before I responded. (I forgot to multiple that by 70.) I think even Jesus was annoyed at her. A play where she turned and yelled at me was overturned. Yes, Becky told me to not say a word or she would beat me. I didn't say anything.

I enjoyed the game and the night at the park. More importantly, I enjoyed the growth of the youth department and the decisions made.

Jeff Brasel is the sports editor of the Harrison Daily Times. E-mail him at or follow him at

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