FORUM — The drive is worth the hike.

In between Eureka Springs and Huntsville there are several trails that lead to memorable waterfalls. One of those waterfalls is called Road 299 Waterfall.

While the name is not special, the secluded site is very special and a short walk for hikers.

The waterfall is only 21 feet in height and it is about the same distance to get to it from the parking lot.

After reaching the parking area, there are two volunteer trails. In the summer time when the grass is tall, it could be hard to see the paths.

The trail on the left leads to the waterfall. However, it is at the top of the falls and is not a good view of the actual waterfall.

On the right side of the parking area, there is a trail. That trail leads down the hill and to the right. Hikers have attempted a short-cut, but it ends unsuccessfully.

Since it is a volunteer path, it can be hard to see. But it will gradually move down the hill to a creek bed.

In the spring time, the creek bed has water, but it is not too deep to cross. In the summer time, the creek bed will be a path to the waterfall.

Before reaching the falls, there is a cave on the left hand side of the creek bed. It is not deep, but on a hot day, it offers a breeze of cool air.

The waterfall, which you can hear from the parking area, falls from the limestone bluffs.

There is a small pool of water at the bottom of the falls. On slow water days, the water disappears underground.

Around the fall area there are areas to explore. There are boulders to explore and bluff formations that will tantalize one’s nature to sightsee.

Getting to the waterfall is a drive along several dirt roads.

First take Highway 412 out of Harrison traveling west. Take 127 to Forum. At the intersection of 127 and Highway 23 turn north toward Eureka Springs. 

After traveling 3.5 miles from Forum, dirt road 1235 will be on the right side of the highway. Turn onto this road and a quarter of mile from the highway bear right onto 1250.

There will be another intersection .7 of a mile. Stay right on 1250. Travel 1.6 miles before turning left on 1425.

After traveling 2.5 miles there will be two other roads that come into view. One road is marked as a private drive and the first road looks like a deserted road. The deserted looking road is unmarked and is 299.

Travel downhill about .6 of a mile and there will be a pull off spot on the left hand side of the road. This is the spot to park. It looks a little primitive, but it is the spot. 

Despite nearly 6 miles of dirt road, the small waterfall is worth the trip.

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