ELKINS — Teams from the Heart of the Ozarks were well represented at the Elkins Cross Country Invitational on Saturday.

In senior girls action from 4A/5A, Harrison claimed the top spot by a large margin with 18 points. Pea Ridge was second with 77 and Huntsville finished third with 90.

Green Forest was second in the 1A-3A division with 102 points just behind Waldron who won with 101 points.

Huntsville won the senior boys race in 4A/5A with 24 points. Berryville came in fourth place with 98 points, just behind Pea Ridge and Gentry.

Green Forest was second in the 1A-3A with 109 points. West Fork took the top spot with 46 points.

In junior high cross country, Berryville earned the junior girls win with 34 points in 4A/5A. 

Haas Hall was atop the 1A-3A results followed by Elkins and St. Joseph Catholic. Bergman came in fourth place and Green Forest finished in the seventh spot.

Berryville added a win in the junior high boys race in 4A/5A. They took the win with 32 points. Pea Ridge was second with 52 and Huntsville was third with 118.

Green Forest was third in the 1A-3A results with 102 points. Haas Hall — Fayetteville was first with West Fork taking second.


Women’s 4A/5A

Harrison littered the top of the scoreboard in the senior girls 5000 Meter. The Lady Goblins finished with seven of the top 10 in the field of 42 runners.

Ruthy Ryan was the overall winner with a 20:12.98 run for Harrison. 

Camryn Casey was second in 21:09.40; Noelle Pall, third, 21:15.61; Olivia Pall, fifth, 22:36.01; Madison Tramell, seventh, 22:52.63; Rylee Myers, ninth, 23:20.64; Elise Bell, 10th, 23:20.76. Addie Jones finished in 24:07.35 for 14th; Eliana Adamos, 15th, 24:25.97; Aidan Smithee, 16th, 24:33.22; Vittoria Gratton, 18th, 24:35.10; Ashlyn Long, 25th, 25:36.96; Chloe Hooten, 29th, 26:44.19; and Avery Davis, 33rd, 27:31.60.

Berryville’s Cecilia Doss came in sixth place with a 22:42.08 run.

In the junior high 3200 Meter, Berryville finished with the win led by Gisselle Strada who run in 15:09.46. Carly Smith was the second Junior Lady Bobcat across the line with a run of 15:30.97. Elizabeth Perez was eighth in 16:17.42; Astralia Amos, ninth, 16:31.56; Tessa Parton, 12th, 17:04.01; Bella Knapp, 16th, 18:08.26; Ekira Hernandez, 18th, 18:17.66; Alison Nequiz, 19th, 18:17.97; Zariel Long, 20th, 18:30.94; Danaka Thompson, 26th, 19:28.18; Faith McKinney, 32nd, 20:19.86; Shayleigh Broker, 40th, 22:35.13; and Destini Plumblee, 48th, 33:47.53.


Women’s 3A-1A

Abby Elcan of Providence finished first in the 3A-1A division with a run of 20:29.70.

Green Forest’s Jennifer Martinez filled the fourth place spot in 23:00.13. Teammate Samantha Delavin finished at 19th in 25:47.65; Lucy Rios, 20th, 25:50.14; Michelle Calderson, 29th, 27:49.17; Marianna Beltran, 30th, 27:50.25; Margarita Vega, 31st, 28:09.00; and Alejandra Lopez, 48th, 32:16.34.

Jasper’s Aubery Henderson claimed the ninth position in 23:33.97.

Faith Floyd finished 18th and ran in 25:08.90 for Kingston. 

Bergman’s Alicia Doyle was 34th with a run of 28:29.00. Paige Elder was 37th in 28:51.03 and Caroline Jackson was 38th in 28:59.03.

In the junior high 3200 Meter, Bergman’s Breanna Espinoza took 12th place in 16:03.27. Fellow Junior Lady Panther Allison Jackson was 38th in 17:51.01; Shay Lovelace, 47th, 18:50.94; Keira Dees, 58th, 19:51.47; and Paige Hillenburg, 67th, 20:49.42.

Lila Hartness finished 28th for Kingston in 17:08.61 and Raiden Lilbourne was 99th in 27:59.71.

Green Forest was led by Sophia Hernandez who was 36th in 17:40.82. Arianna Shafer was 37th in 17:41.85; Kimberly Cid, 46th, 18:45.16; Sophia Chavez, 55th, 19:24.71; Lilly Bailey, 70th, 21:09.31; 74th, Alexandra Rangel, 21:34.18; Lilly Dill, 83rd, 23:32.30; Mahalie Alvarado, 86th, 23:44.65; Hannah Day, 87th, 23:45.11; Haddasah Reyes, 94th, 27:27.80; and Gabby Lopez, 100th, 28.04.40.


Men’s 4A/5A

Jacob Braswell of Huntsville was the overall No. 1 in 17:29.52.

Berryville’s fourth place team finish was led by Reese Johnson who finished 10th in 19:59.95. Caden Nickell was 18th in 21:12.12; Chris Nequiz, 21st, 21:26.74; Tyler Stephenson, 24th, 21:36.00; Joshua Wilson, 25th, 21:39.31; Hayden Braziel, 27th, 21:53.86; Austin Escobar, 28th, 21:57.07; Alek Lang, 31st, 22:48.65.

In the junior high race, Berryville had 10 runners in the field of 44. The Junior Bobcats team win was led by Nestor Perez who came in first place with a run of 12:50.34. Malachi Houghton finished third in 12:53.17; Trenton Hughs, sixth, 13:48.22; Dawson Williams, ninth, 13:50.37; Alek Gray, 13th, 14:34.59; Cole Price, 15th, 14:39.11; Carlos Berinstein, 26th, 16:19.67; Gabriel Wall, 39th, 18:30.28; Robby Bartos, 41st, 20:48.51; and Devin Alvarez, 43rd, 22:29.79.


Men’s 3A-1A

Green Forest put 14 runners in the field of 103.

Jake Lopez was the first Tiger across the line with a time of 18:46.11 which was good for seventh. Colin Delavin was next with a 24th finish in 20:04.33; Alexis Rangel, 25th, 20:25.04; Jacob McMahan, 26th, 20:29.71; Paco Rangel, 27th, 20:32.25; Kevin Cifuentes, 31st, 20:59.03; Tono Mendez, 33rd, 21:02.07; Alex Leal, 35th, 21:03.30; Jesus Flores, 56th, 22:49.50; Jair Juarez, 61st, 23:14.97; David Aguinaga, 70th, 24:12.51; Kelvin Garcia, 75th, 24:29.27; Diago Mendez, 87th, 26:44.28; Eli Gomez, 99th, 31:55.07.

Jasper’s Nate Watts finished 30th in 20:48.06.

Cole Elder of Bergman came in 43rd with a run of 21:36.79.

The overall winner in the junior high was Jaxson Everett of West Fork in 12:06.53.

Green Forest finished in third place led by Alonzo Rangel who ran the 3200 Meter in 12:52.25. Fellow Tiger teammate Elvin Montoya was 12th in 13:51.90; Matthew Vasquez, 13th, 13:52.78; Alex Alvarez, 31st, 14:42.54; Chris Alvarado, 44th, 15:08.78; Juan Fernandez, 45th, 15:09.43; Joseph Duenas, 70th, 15:57.08; Arauny Reyes, 92nd, 16:52.35; Jacob Vasquez, 99th, 17:08.46; Jose Solis, 134th, 19:12.57; and Jose Reyes, 141st, 20:14.35.

Josh Cooper came in 21st for Kingston in 14:07.33, teammate Chism Floyd was 33rd in 14:50.84, Canton Clark was 54th in 15:23.45 and Harlie Jones finished 62nd in 15:42.35.

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