Castetter picks up running to get healthier

Steve Castetter has never really had a weight problem.

He decided that he wanted to be healthier so he turned to the sidewalks and streets to help him reach his goal.

Four years ago, Castetter gave up cigarettes and he decided that he wanted to take the next step in his healthy lifestyle.

He hit 2020 hard in his quest for health.

“My goal has been 17,000 steps per day,” he said. “That is a lot of steps. I may cut it back some.”

Through Christmas, he is averaging 17,175 a day with a week left in his current goal.

Castetter is a 1977 graduate of Lead Hill High School. For the past 30 years he has “lived in a little piece of Heaven just outside the Harrison city limits.”

His work at Castle Rental helps him get some steps, but it takes a time commitment to reach his goal.

“I workout 50 to 90 minutes per day,” he stated.

His goal with steps was for some weight loss, improvement of his cardio and the possibility of racing again.

This year he has definitely met his goals.

“I have lost 35 pounds,” he said. “That was 21 percent of my body weight.”

He has become a regular on the race circuit this year.

“I have ran eight 5K races this year,” he said. “I have ran five in the fourth quarter alone.”

He continued about his racing.

“My times have consistently improved,” he said. “In a recent race in Springfield (Mo.) I was fifth out of 107 runners.”

With a goal of 17,000 daily steps and being competitive in race, Castetter has gained new confidence in his athletic prowess.

“The longer that I stick with it, the more confident I have become,” he said.

Castetter is a driven individual, but he has another piece of equipment that makes him work even harder at times. It also makes sure that he meets his daily goals.

“My Apple watch drives me,” he said. “To fill my rings is the first thing each day. Then I go after the rest of my steps.”

When it comes to working out, there are days that are harder for Castetter than others, but for the most part he really enjoys his workout.

“The anticipation of getting out there is often the best part,” he said about his favorite part of the workout. “Sometimes getting started can be a challenge.”

Sundays and Tuesdays are Castetter’s hardest workouts. They are run only days.

With the amount of steps that Castetter gets every day, having proper equipment is paramount. He is a firm believer in his shoe choice.

“I wear only Asics Kayano 25 and 26,” he said. “They are very stable. I rotate currently with four pairs. I can get 800 plus miles out of a pair of Kayanos. I race in a Nike Air Zoom Pegasus.”

The 35 pounds of weight that he dropped during his health quest is not all from exercise. Castetter has been very disciplined in his caloric intake.

“I have been very strict with my diet,” he said. “No noodles, bread, potatoes or rice.”

He also has another secret about his eating habits.

“I do not eat out at all,” he said. “At least I have not in the last 18 months.”

With a limited menu, Castetter has his favorite foods that he goes to for snacks.

“I eat a lot of baby carrots, peanuts and tuna,” he said.

The runner put things into perspective about his diet and exercise.

“I try to keep it simple,” he said. “If I burn more calories than I take in, I will lose weight. I get around 1,000 to 1,500 calories a day.”

Castetter began to take baby steps in June of 2019.

“I started at 10,000 steps a day as my first goal,” he said. “For 2020, my goal has been 17,000 steps per day.”

His start in the world of getting steps came from another source.

“A very special person in my life jump started me,” he said.

With the success of his athletic endeavors, Castetter spoke about the best thing of his accomplishments.

“The way it makes me feel,” he said. “It is assurance that I am a much more disciplined person than I used to be.”

He has a piece of advice to offer people that are just starting the journey.

“Injury is one thing, but if it aches or if it is pain, work through it,” he said. “Stay grateful.”

Castetter said “absolutely” when he was asked if he was happy with the commitment that he made to getting healthier.

He closed his interview with “I am so very grateful. I do not take it for granted. I am blessed.”

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