Since I haven't written in a while, I thought my cousins, Jimmy Murray and Juin Robinson might think I had broke another arm. Not yet. You never know when I will. Hope you are both doing okay. I had company last week. They came Sunday went home Thursday. They live in Missouri. I had never met one of the ladies. She was very nice.

Sympathy to the ones who have lost loved ones. Sonny and Scut were schoolmates. Scut and his friends used to take his lunch money. They were still friends. What kids won't do. I didn't know him. I knew his older brothers though. Get well to Christine Williams. who fell and broke her hip. Also her sister is recuperating from heart surgery, Shirley Shelton. She's staying with her sister Karen Hodge for the time being. Donna Henderson, Patrick's other grandma, fell and broke her shoulder. She's home from rehab now.

Chet will be gone five years this month. Time flies. I'm in the dumps today, thinking what this month was like and what he went through. I miss Garnet's calls. Everyday we called each other. October is just around the corner. Cold-weather!

Thanks to Alta Fern Breedlove for the apples she sent me. They are so good. I fried a skillet full and I ate them. They sure are good. Hope the deer don't get all of them. Deer season might open early (not really). Something got my peacock hens and my chickens. Left me one little bantam. I shot my gun at midnight the other night, trying to scare what the dogs were after. I guess I'll write some more another time.

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