Happy September birthdays to: Kyle Adams, Joan Brown, Jennifer Brasel, My dear friend Jean Brasel, James and Terry Carney, Missy Clayborn, Lauren Cannon, Leslie Daniels, Ricky Lynn, Tommy, Donnie, and Brent Davis, Kay Davis, Leah Davenport, Buck Dahlstrom, Fawn Kurtzo, Breilynn Heffley, Emily Matlock, my beautiful niece, Grace Nicole Martin, Wendy Rocole, Kelly and Candy Reynolds, Ryan Taylor, and Tracy Wheelus. Also happy birthday to my brother Jerry Thomason and my sister, Judy Sullins in Valley Springs and our Granny Beth Baker in Garland Texas.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Dwight “Scutt” Clayborn. Our hearts go out to our dear friend Barbara Watson and all of Scutts family and friends.

I can't believe it's September already, and next month is fall! Please slow down, Time, you are flying by too fast!

Phyllis Ellis fell and hurt her shoulder, but is getting better every day. Pretty soon she’ll be playing the piano and haying again!

Johnny Martin made a trip to Fayetteville Diagnostic clinic and they’ve put him out for a year unless he starts having problems again and we were so happy about his good report. Elana Martin went last week also and she is still waiting on her tests results. Chloe Beth is ball gaming and Skyli is practicing. Our grand Olivia Heffley is going to try basketball this year and we’ll be cheering her on. Deer school always has pretty competitive teams and we look forward to supporting the Antlers.

Johnny and I will celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary actually on the 29th of this month, but our celebration on Sept. 7 with our daughter Loreshia and Travis Heffley celebrating their 25th in August was an even greater blessing. Thanks to all who helped make it possible, especially Debbie and Bruce Wilburn, our party planners.

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