Happy New Year, friends and neighbors! It's 2020! Blessed we are for another opportunity to live life with a new start. Some have made their New Years resolutions, but mine are to enjoy each day that the good Lord grants me.

Happy January birthdays to: Peggy Adams, Larry and Debralee Alexander, Latoya Brown, Dorlin Brown, Jared, Kim, and Barbara Curtis, Ruby Carter, Daisy and Bridget Clayborn, Becky Carney, Jessica and Betty Davis, Kenny Eddings, Kaye Heffley and grandson Dakota, Kendria Hueston, Jerry Liggett, Ryan Martin, Ella Grace and her papa Anthony McCutcheon, Marie Proctor, Charlotte Ramsey, Nina Rowland, Paulette Rocole, Scot Roberson, Bobby and Crystal Young, Marsha Willis, my sister Freda Williams and son, Doyle Williams.

Happy anniversary to our neighbors, Donna and Charlie Rocole.

Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Don Hankins, a lifetime resident of the Pelsor community. He will be greatly missed, and to Ms Wilma Willis. I worked with her at the senior center and on the nursing home board for 20 years. She was the best advocate an elderly person could have.

We send out prayers for healings to Stanley Gilmore, Johnny and Jesse Martin, and my sister Virginia Hirayama. We went to visit her and family in Fair Grove, Missouri, the week before Christmas. I wanted to stay longer, but Johnny wasn’t feeling well. He’s still hasn't gotten his strength back, but every day we try to do a little more.

We enjoyed the Christmas holiday visiting with families and the feasting on the big dinners. This was our last Christmas shared at the Thomason home place. It was sad, but seeing the new renovations being made for someone new helped. God is good and life goes on. I will count my many blessings!

We enjoyed the holiday with our kiddos, our grands and also Don and Sydna Daily from Russelleville who joined in our celebration. We played games, Jesslyn Martin and her friend did a dance routine, Hayden and McKenzie did riddles, plus all the eats and gifts. Jesslyn also recited a poem about the true meaning of Christmas.

We spent Christmas day with Kathy and Ralph Graves, Debbie and Bruce Wilburn and later that afternoon we visited with Kenneth Ogden and Rocky Martin and family. Craig, Sarah and Hayden Martin came to visit later that evening.

Our granddaughters, McKenzie and Jesslyn Martin, joined their mom in a live nativity at their church in Russellville again this year. They love doing this. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and we’ll see what this new year brings. God bless you all.

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