Happy March birthdays to; Brett Davis, Lequita Davis, Eugene Davis. Dennis Brasel, Clayton Heffley, Connie Heydenrich, Susan Morris, Kendria Tennison Bonham, Bobby and Jason Reynolds, Kassie Eddings, Jordan Smith, Debbie Sams, Ruth Sexton, Larry Williams, and I celebrate mine with my grands, Shantanna and Dalton Heffley, Mason Martin and Landon Williams.

We send get well wishes to Linda Carlton, Eugene Davis, Lavern Baughman, Bailey Carney, Bobby Joe Young, David Faught and my niece, Brooklyn Williams OLeary.

Our heartfelt and deepest sympathy we extend to the family and friends of Camron Bolin, Geneva Daniels Helderman, Nina Campbell Royce, and Ms. Niva Faught, another life long Deer resident who will be greatly missed.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Pettis for the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Huntleigh Rae.

My siblings and I went to North Arkansas College a couple of Saturday’s ago to see our brother, Jerry Thomason, induction in the hall of fame! We are so very proud of him. My son Craig Martin and Grandson, Hayden took us to eat at Hillbilly Slims at Pelsor. We visited there with Craigs mother-in-law Emma Brouch, the Tucker’s and the Bentons, Cody Kurtzo and wife and Larry Henson. It’s a great place to eat.

We visited my sister, Virginia and Gene Hirayama in Fair Grove, Missouri. She had a procedure and is doing well. We spent a couple of days with Jesse Martin in Russelleville while Susie and kiddos were taking turns with the flu bugs. After doctor's visit and meds, they began to feel much better. It’s been a rough flu season everywhere. So many unprecedented viruses. We all need to being praying for China and a stop to the possible pandemic world-wide.

What about the crazy weather? We’ve had several quick snows this winter that came and went, but not so fast that Laurel Carney didn’t get to make Mr. Doyle his favorite ice cream. He is a lucky man!

We have had several wonderful friends and family to visit over the past several weeks; Little Kathy and Ralph Graves came and brought Johnny his favorite pie. We sure miss them, haven’t seen them since Christmas. I visited with Jean Brasel. She and Dennis keep us up with what’s happening down town. Donnie and Rhonda Middleton and Bradley all visited Johnny after his birthday and so did Ricky and Landon Smith. Johnny loves his cousins. God is so good and we are the oldest generation now. Blessed you are to live to be old. Do something special for an elderly person this week. Visit or call someone who doesn’t have family to care about them. You may be more blessed than you can imagine.

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