Hello again, family and friends in and from Newton County.

We were saddened to learn Clyde Gosvener, of Springdale, passed away. Clyde was married to my double-first cousin, Allene Collins, and they had two children together. Clyde was an excellent musician and if you have ever square danced to his fiddle tunes then you have been blessed. His funeral is Wednesday at Colbaugh Cemetery near Clifty.

For my friends who live in the Bay area in California, our friend, Sandy Rothman, and his group will be playing at Sushi-California in Berkeley. You can hear them on the second and fourth Saturday nights. If you enjoy good bluegrass make this your venue. Sandy has played with Bill Monroe, Larry Sparks and many other groups. Sandy has been friends with my sister, Winnie and husband, Roosevelt, for many years and we met him while visiting in CA.

We have had six inches of rain in the last day and night. Needless to say there is lots of flooding. My daughter's yard at Noel, Missouri, looks like the Mississippi River! We lost over a month of spring fishing because of high water, now it will rise again. We sold our pontoon and some of our neighbors haven't even put their boats in the water, still in dry storage.

I fell in the bathroom (backwards into the shower) Thursday morning and as my mother would say, "stove me up pretty good." Consequently I was unable to bowl Thursday and won't be able to tonight. One of the worst hurts is trying to get out of the car and/or riding in an automobile. I really did a number on my pelvis.

This Saturday will be the Deer School reunion. What a great time this is for everyone to get together, renew old friendships and make new ones. We won't be able to go. Saturday, Oct. 19, is our Collins Cousins Reunion at Springdale Senior Center. Pot-luck will be at noon. We have an auction each year. The funds are used to purchase meat, plates, forks, etc., for the pot-luck. The remaining money they use to purchase head stones in the old cemeteries where some of the Collins' do not have proper markers. Remember you do not have to be a relative to come, visit and share stories.

My sister, Arnnie Shullick, of Lorain, Ohio, is not happy in Assisted Living. She has been very ill with double pneumonia and an infection. I hope it becomes easier for her to be there.

Winnie Watson, my oldest sister, has settle in quite well with her daughter, Kathy Bain, in Weatherford, Texas. She seems to enjoy the church they attend as well. I talked to her yesterday and she had spoken via ma Bell to Ida (Thomas) Edwards of Springdale. She values Ida's friendship and enjoys hearing from her. Ida still lives in her own home, but I believe her daughter is quite near. Winnie also had talked to Evelyn (Breedlove) Johnson of California. Evelyn is now in Assisted Living also.

No more news from our watery peninsula so until next time, "God bless, and Happy Trails to You."

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