Hello again, Family & Friends in and from Newton County.

My very dear friend, Carolyn Cowell and husband Gene Lindburg visited us last week. They arrived on Monday about noonish and stayed Monday night and Tuesday night. We always enjoy having them so much. Carolyn and I have been best friends since we started second grade at Deer. My, how fast time passes by. Gene's daughter lives in Pittsburg, Kansas, and they spent a couple of nights there before coming here. His grandson was graduated on Saturday and I believe he is going into the military almost immediately.

The bowling alley will open Monday, of next week and I am most anxious. I have really missed it. I was bowling on three leagues, Women, and two Senior, but will only bowl on two leagues now. I will drop the Women's night league, the Seniors bowl at 12 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday.

Our church is open again and I hope to attend this Sunday. Looking forward to seeing our church family.

Seth is recuperating very slowly from his Shingles bout and side effects thereof He isn't feeling well at all and still unable to do anything besides walking around the house. We had a new metal roof put on the house and it looks really nice. Good to have it done.

We had visits from Seth's son, Jason and his son, Dusty, and my daughter, DaLane this week. We still have not seen our new great grandson, Lakodan. We enjoy the pictures though and he is growing just as he should.

My sister, Arnnie turned 89 years old on June 6. She had a nice day although the Assisted Living where she lives is still on Lock-down. Her granddaughter brought great-grand, Isabella to see her, and her daughter-in-law, Cheri Shullick brought her homemade beef stroganoff, which Arnnie loves. Cheri's and Jinx's son, Jared Shullick, is a pilot in the Navy and just deployed this week. They had to do everything through the patio door.

I talked to my sister, Winnie Watson, this morning and she is doing well. I talked to my brother, Wayne (W.C.) Collins in Hico, Texas, a few days ago and he is doing well, taking care of his dogs, chickens, peacocks, and numerous exotic animals.

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