Hello again, Friends in and from Newton County.

I am very excited this morning. My friend, Carolyn (Cowell) Lindberg called and she and husband, Gene, will be here to visit Tuesday of next week. Since we have been best friends since second grade, we never run out of things to talk about. They will spend a couple of days in Pittsburg, Kansas, with Gene's daughter, before coming here. They are attending the grandson's football game.

Seth and I fished one morning this week. We caught about 30 crappie but all were 8 - 9 inches long. Only had one keeper, but it was fun. They would hit the hook as soon as it was dropped. Finally, Seth said he was finished, his arm was tired!

Seth's cousin, Keith Swigart and wife, Joyce, came to visit us on Saturday. They live in Coffeyville, Kansas. It is always a pleasure to see them. Keith, Seth and I all worked together at Camfield Tire in Springdale in the early seventies.

Our son, Jason, tested positive for the Covid this week, but so far he hasn't been sick. My cousin, Wanda Faddis, of Siloam Springs has been ill with this but is doing well and has returned to the Nursing Home. We thank God for her healing.

The Collins Cousins Reunion is going forward and will be held Oct. 17, at the Senior Center in Springdale, Park Street, at 10:30 a.m. I can promise you lots of good food. Those Collins gals can cook! Looking forward to seeing you all there.

We visited our friends, Paul and Brenda Fields in Siloam Springs one day last week. Paul came by on Friday to bring us fresh okra and squash. That is the only okra we have had this year. That is one of my favorite things from the garden.

My daughter, DaLane Dean, who recently moved to Oklahoma City, loves it there. She is finally in her own condo as she stayed a couple of weeks with her daughter, Kendra, until she had utilities, etc., in place. Her couch won't arrive until Oct. 1. I asked her if she and the cat were sitting on the floor watching TV and she said, "No, we are lying in bed watching TV." That isn't very far away, but I can't hop in the car and be there in 30 minutes as I could before.

Seth's daughter, Yvonne and grandson, Tommie, put new windows in our kitchen. They will be back to do the bedroom and hallway windows. Some of the windows were on back order. Tommie lives at Pine Bluff, but he often stays with his mother and works here in this area.

My sisters, Arnnie Shullick and Winnie Watson are doing well. Winnie attended church Sunday for the first time since the shut-downs. Arnnie is going nuts from being so shut-in as the assisted living where she is still no one in and no one out! She missed seeing her family especially the great grandbabies.

No more news from our little part of the Grand Lake of the Cherokees. Until next time, God bless and "Happy trails to you."

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