Well, what can be new except the continuing saga of this horrible virus. So far none of our loved ones have been affected except for the social distancing. My daughter has been here as well as Seth's son and daughter came once. We have practiced the six foot distance so no hugging! We really miss seeing our little great-granddaughter, Kylie, as she brings us much joy. Kylie has a new little brother, named Lakodan Michael. Of course we haven't got to see him yet but he is healthy and beautiful.

Since I bowl on three teams, I am totally lost with nothing to do. I also miss the exercise. I do try to walk around the park, but I am not disciplined and tend to want to skip!

Seth has "Shingles" and has been totally miserable. He says it feels as though someone is sticking needles in his stomach. He has been to the doctor and has another appointment tomorrow.

We were saddened recently by the death of Millard Acuff. He was the husband of my cousin and running mate, Lovella Collins. Years ago he had asked his brother-in-law, Rev. Loren Collins to preach his funeral. Loren has recently suffered a stroke, however, he did indeed officiate the services from a wheel chair.

My Cousin, Kenny Kirk, and wife, Stephanie, lost their beloved son, Jacob, in an automobile accident a few miles outside Bentonville last week. He was 27 years old. Social distancing makes it difficult for families doing memorial services. Of course just now they are all graveside as far as I know.

Many are missing attending church services, although many churches are streaming services.

Our friends, Paul and Brenda Fields visited us one afternoon. We visited sitting on the porch and that was great, just like old times. When we were growing up, the porch was always full of people on Sunday afternoons.

Seth hasn't been able to fish, but that is okay since the Crappie haven't been biting inside our dock.

Get well wishes to my old friend, Eugene Davis. We were in the same class at Deer.

I have talked to my sisters, Winnie Watson and Arnnie Shullick and both are doing well. I visit with my cousin, Cleo (Collins) Thurston of Boise, ID via facebook. This is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends and family I would not hear from otherwise.

Stay well, continue safe practices, and until next time, "Happy trails to you."

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