As we race toward the end of summer and the beginning of our school season we are having to make the decision to wear masks, have social distancing, and washing often to help us to be able to get back to school safely. There are six weeks where we are needing to do our best to be able to get back to school with sports and other extracurricular activities. I am sure we can do it but will we do it? I hear parents saying their kids are going back to school partly because the parents need to be able to work. That is one of the reasons many people across the nation are wanting to get back to school but the other reason is to try to get back to some kind of normalcy. The hardest thing we are needing to overcome is to keep politics out of the issue. It is not going to be a good thing to threaten our schools that we must be all in or nothing or we will not get funding from the president if we don’t do what he wants us to do. Every school system wants to have to work even if it takes an extra week or so. I have worked at Sequoyah Elementary in Russellville, Mt. Judea Elementary, Deer Elementary, Clinton Elementary, Mountain View Middle School and Lee Elementary in Springdale. That adds up to 39 years of teaching. There was not one school staff that didn’t work hard to make the school year to be the best it could be. The administration and staff worked together to be prepared each year. I am sure they will do everything they can do to make school safe this year.

It is up to you! We have had 321 deaths. There have been 28,367 cases in Arkansas. We can and must do better. Teach your children how to wear the masks so they will be ready for school. You can do your part by wearing your mask every time you go outside and into businesses.

I have been going through a box of cards that I have saved for years! My church uses the fronts of the cards to make a new one and places cards and envelopes in the church for members to purchase. I have found it to be very helpful to have cards there when I need them. As I went through the cards I found it hard to get rid of some cards, in particular those from Mother. One card I found was from Herbert Totten. I had written him just to tell him how much I appreciated him teaching me. I remarked that I had a hard time writing him because I didn’t want him to correct my mistakes! He returned with a card that said, “Here’s hoping you’re Christmas will be a very happy one!” He had marked through the “you’re” and wrote “your,” and said, “The above may be correct in Ten. But not in Ark. Right?” The card was written by a company in Tennessee.

I don’t get out very much. Usually I go to Walmart for a prescription and shop while there. I have really missed visiting with my friends. Just driving into Rogers from Garfield is a treat! I do call my sisters but you can just visit, just so much.

This week is supposed to be really hot! Be careful is you are out in the heat.

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