I woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t written my article. Yikes! I have been busy on the lake and at church, along with a visit to my friend, Eva Jean Beck, in the hospital. Then I got home for Kara and her friend to get our mover to work again. 

One of the strangest things was when I got home I notice the trailer gone. In fact, it wasn’t gone it had rolled into the trees and bushes off my parking area. Somehow it had moved without anyone being home to move it! Sure enough, it had done its thing on its own. Kara has a jeep with four-wheel drive that we pulled the trailer out with very little damage. After dinner of okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn on the cob, and hamburgers off the grill, we loaded the mower up so Kara could try it out at her house in Springdale.

While we were on the lake Saturday evening we just enjoyed the sun setting and the moon up ready for the night. Beautiful and the temperature was just perfect for being in the lake. I could sleep all night on a boat when it is peaceful like that.

We were going to fish a little but didn’t until later. Kara and her friend fished and she was up to form. When she was in junior high school she belonged to a fishing/not drugs club where she went out with a group to fish. She always came home with stories of what she caught rather than fish. Usually anyone in the boat was caught at least once, any bush hidden below the water, any trees within casting range, but no fish. She was always so excited to go fishing and Mr. Duncan tried to get adult partners for Kara’s boat who had not fished with her before. She still has it!

Have a great week.

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