If you have hummingbirds you will understand how often you have to refill their feeders. I have two this year and I am filling them up every day. It takes a cup of sugar and four cups of water for each bottle. I always boil the water and sugar for five minutes in the microwave. I used to cook the sugar water for ten minutes, but decided five was enough. They drink it so fast that it doesn’t get sour. I watch 10 or 12 hummers dipping and diving into the feeders. Lately they have been having to dodge wasp and dirt dabblers to get to the feeder to eat. I had a fly swatter and was swinging at them. The next thing I knew, I had one in my hair! I just shook my head of hair and out it flew! Thank goodness. I haven’t had a haircut since March and it is really thick and long. I may have to break down and take my life into my own hands and call Marilyn for a haircut! Her shop is in Seligman, Missouri, just across the state line from Garfield where I live. I used to drive clear to Huntsville to see Kelly Hicks for a haircut. It just took so long that I decided I should find someone closer. Marilyn had a shop in Garfield so that made up my mind. And, then she moved! It doesn’t take too long to get to her shop so I followed her there. She might not recognize me when I do finally go. 

Today was my Sunday to read the scriptures at church so I actually went to real church instead of watching TV from my easy chair with my cup of coffee and a big fat cat laying across my lap. It saves me a lot of time to stay home since I don’t have to shower, get dressed and drive thirty minutes to town. When we start having church again it will be hard for the congregation to make it to early church.

Monday morning Samantha will have to be up at the bus stop at 6:27 a.m. to ride to Rogers Middle School. There will not be lockers for the kids and Samantha was looking forward to having her own locker. I can remember going to the 7th grade at Jasper and was scared all day long that I was not going to get to my classes on time or even find the classrooms. Changing classes is a big deal for some kids! This year is really different and we have pages and pages of things they have to do. I am hoping the kids will try hard to stay well so they can go all year safely. My granddaughter was telling me she is to come home, go straight to the shower and do whatever she has to do for school for the next day, before she comes upstairs to see me. I asked her why, and she said because I am old and diabetic. I am not sure I like the old part of that. Guess that is the way it is. I don’t feel old! Does that count?

This week we will be watching the Republican National Convention. I watched the Democratic National Convention and was excited to see empathy on the part of the leaders! We haven’t had a leader who is empathic and we truly have needed a leader who feels the pain all the coronavirus patients have felt and the pain the families have gone through as their family members die. I am so afraid we are heading into schools before we have taken care of the virus and we have opened businesses just to have to close them again. We have so many people who do not have jobs or money to pay for needs. I have heard people say they just need to get a job and I know that is right but there have to be jobs to be gotten. Until we get rid of the virus we will not be able to have jobs.

Now we are going through the USPS being taken apart which is causing many people stress, especially those people who depend on the mail to get their Social Security and Retirement checks. Many people get their medicine through the mail and it has to be there on time. It seems to me, this has been done to keep people from using the mail to vote! The key to voting by mail is to vote early. Call the clerk’s office and get your ballot, absentee or early ballot. As soon as the ballot can be mailed, send it in.

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