Enjoying weather like we have lately makes me know I do love mild winters. I am one of those people who wonders what is going to happen next. Surely we are going to have winter weather soon and surely it will be harsh. The only thing about us having warm weather there are many states having heavy snow and/or ice. That makes us in an area where tornadoes occur. 

I have been watching the fires in Australia and finding it hard to believe how much area it has covered. When we have fires on the western coastal area we realize how much damage it can cause. The fires in Australia are covering even more area and the people are evacuating with Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews declaring much of the eastern part of the state a disaster. As many as 140,000 permanent residents and tens of thousands of vacationers were leaving with the understanding that if you can leave, then you must leave. The conditions are dangerous due to the low humidity, the strong winds and the state is tinder-dry.

On Monday I will be trained for the next election cycle. I encouraged my daughter, Elisa, to sign up to work. So she is being trained, too. I am the sheriff at a couple of sites so I must know the rules/laws and how to make sure the machines are put up correctly and kept in working order. I enjoy the work but many times it becomes long hard days. I imagine the machines will be the same as we have had the last two elections. They are much better than the ones we had a few years ago. There was a lot of paper to be changed, etc. Benton County has computers that keep up with who has voted and where. It is great to be able to track the voters so that no one votes more than once and that they are legal to vote.

Watching the Razorbacks play basketball has been fun. As I told a friend, I love to be on the winning side! The boys and girls teams are doing great and the games are being enjoyed by a gym full of fans! Go Hogs Go!

As I type this I am listening/watching the Golden Globe Awards. It is when I realize how many movies I haven’t seen and just must see. If you can’t find me, I could be at the theater.

Happy New Year 2020.

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