The first of May brings up many things we do every year without fail, except this year. Union Hill decoration is always the first Sunday in May. So many of the old families would gather to decorate the graves of family and friends. Visiting with friends throughout the cemetery was always something everyone looked forward to doing. There have even been singing led by some of the good old time singers from local churches in years past. I always looked forward to going hoping there would be singing. Being cautious and staying away so the COVID-19 would not be spread to all parts of Arkansas and beyond was a good decision. 

We have had three birthdays to celebrate and haven’t gotten together as a family, yet. Kara Whelchel, Mary Margaret Harris and Elisa Martin have gotten older and Colorado Harris will be next. One of these days we will have a BIG party for the four of them.

Pastor Eric Longman of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Rogers shared with us today that the churches have been given the go ahead to open in phases. Phase I will be to have services with a limited number attending. He said if we want to attend we would call and make a reservation. No one will touch anyone, pews will be taped off so there is space between people, and everyone will wear masks the whole service. There will not be congregational singing. It has been found singing spreads the virus quicker than just breathing in the same area. The pastor will continue putting out video services each Sunday for those of us who should not attend church. Anyone over certain ages and have particular conditions should not attend so they can be safe.

The few times I have been to the store I have been a little surprised at the number of people who are not wearing a mask. I so hope they don’t get the virus or pass it to others. I haven’t gotten my nails done or a haircut yet. They are not so important that I just have to get them done. I know businesses are hurting and need to open, but not to have people dying. Since Monday, May 4, we have gone from 76 deaths to 91 deaths by Sunday, May 10. That may not seem like a lot of people to you, but if you have lost a family member then it is bad! We have gone from 3,431 cases to 4,012 cases in a week. If we don’t take precautions we can add to that number and it may be some of your family and friends! Please be safe. Wear a mask!

Hoping you have had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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