I love it when things happen that are meant to be. On Saturday Jackie and her son-in-law, Alan dropped off Lynn and family at Carver Bridge for a float trip down the Buffalo. Jackie and Alan decided to drive up to Low Gap for lunch. While there they were sitting near another table of people. Jackie heard the woman tell the man that her daddy had gone to school at the Parthenon Academy. Jackie’s ears perked up and decided to ask them about the comment. The lady told Jackie her daddy was a Phillips and wondered if Jackie knew any Phillips’ and Jackie just laughed and said yes because she was a Phillips. It turns out it was Genevieve Phillips Yates, Uncle Garland’s daughter. They had such a good time visiting. They had been by John and Wanda’s house to visit after they had been to visit Union Hill Cemetery. It has been years since anyone in the family had seen them. The last time we had seen them was when they came to Union Hill for Uncle Garland’s funeral in 1987. 

Today, June 21, Father’s Day, my church decided to have a drive-by communion. We drove into the parking lot and swung around to the front door under the canopy where the pastor was with a plate with a cup of wine and a wafer with a blessing. It was awesome. Anyone who had gone to church the first and second service did the drive-by communion then.

This past week we received the news that Meredith Ham had passed away. She was in the class ahead of my class. When we were in the 5th and 6th grades we were in Mrs. Velma James’ class. Meredith’s older brothers are Dalton and Carl Grant Ham. A service will be at the Jasper Cemetery on Wednesday. I always looked forward to seeing her at the Jasper School Reunion. She had a sweet spirit. She will be missed.

I have been using a special FreeStyle Libre this past two weeks. It is a sensor to scan the skin to check the glucose. Normally, I had been checking my sugar blood levels once a day after fasting all night. Now I can just wave the sensor across a monitor which is put into the skin. It lasts two weeks at a time. The doctor can plug the sensor into his computer and see all the readings and see any patterns developing. It gives him a better picture of what is happening in the body.

I keep a running total of the coronavirus each day. On Monday, we had 12, 917 active cases in Arkansas. On this Sunday, we had 15, 561 active cases. We have had 43 people die this week. When we have a member of our own family affected by the virus we feel differently than people who just write down the statistics each day. Since I live in Benton County and three of my girls live in Washington County, I am concerned. You know, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service,” should be on all the doors of our businesses. If we will wear masks and do social distancing, we will beat this virus. This is not political! This is life and death for many people. Please think of others.

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