As I watch our country spin into a death spiral, I can see ways to stop it. You know how easy it is to be the referee while the game is going on while seated on the sidelines. We all know how and we still refuse to do it. Way back in March our president decided our businesses would fail if we didn’t get back to work. If we had gotten the coronavirus under control first we would have been able to have our businesses open and everyone would have been able to race to the beaches and rivers without any problems. Except, we listened to our president instead of his advisors who had the degrees in medicine. We have made this political instead of realizing we are one country. When I see how some follow Trump I am amazed how they don’t see what is happening. Look at all the deaths in our country and how many more will happen due to the large gatherings without mask and social distancing being encouraged by the president. Please look at the numbers of cases and deaths in Arkansas added each day. Please wear your mask and use social distancing, as well as washing your hands with soap and often. You don’t have to be told by the governor to wear a mask if you want to see football or any other sports played with fans at the games. Even the sports people are pleading with everyone to wear masks. Try it you may like it! Just think you might even save someone you love this month.

Looking forward to voting. Many people are going to request an absentee ballot application to be sent to them by contacting the County Clerk's Office in the county where they are registered to vote. Another way to get the ballot is to download an absentee ballot application from the Secretary of State website. The Secretary of State John Thurston stated you may be able to immediately begin requesting the ballot if you want to do so. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 27. You can pick up a ballot in person until Nov. 2. The ballot must be returned by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nove. 3, to be counted.

When you get your absentee ballot it will come with a return envelope, voter statement and ballot-only envelope. Voters put the ballot in the ballot-only envelope and place it and the voter statement in the return envelope. This allows election officials to process the signatures without seeing the ballot to know how someone voted. Since so many people have voiced an indication that they will vote by mail the election commission hopes you will request early.

Stay safe, stay home as much as is possible. The sooner we do this the sooner the virus will be gone.

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