Looks like the KC Chiefs have won the Super bowl with a score of 31 to 20. It is difficult to be the losing team. Even knowing someone has to lose it is hard to be the losers. I know the Chiefs are feeling good tonight. What excitement!

I remember how much Mother loved the comic strip, Pickles. We learned to read because she would read the paper to herself and laugh so hard that we wanted to know what was so funny. She would say, “When you learn to read you will know.” She would read it to us, but we couldn’t see why she had laughed so hard. Later we did figure it out. Today Pickles was so funny! The wife looked in the mirror and noticed she had put red lipstick on her eyebrows and black eye liner on her lips. The next line was what was so funny! “I went to church like this!!” She asked her husband why he hadn’t said anything about it. He said, “I don’t know. I thought you were trying a new look.” Oh my! I could see my mother laughing about it.

It is hard to believe it has been seventeen years, this past week, since she died. I remember how cold it was at the cemetery on Union Hill that day. I don’t think I have ever been to a funeral that cold before or since.

What beautiful weather we have had this week end and most likely cold snowy weather by the time this paper comes out at the end of the week. Many friends have told me they have flowers blooming already, in particular, jonquils. I guess we are going to let that little groundhog tell us we have only six weeks of winter left. I am ready. It seems like we have a lot of winter later than we expect so I am waiting for some cold weather left before we get the real spring weather.

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