Drove through the hills this past week and the trees are beginning to change colors. Some of the reds and oranges are really popping! This week and next week should be great! Wish we would get some rain to make the leaves stay on the trees. They are looking pretty dry right now. Jackie and I drove to Mountain View to take Jane home. She will see the doctor this week to see if the ankle is healing like it should.

On Friday evening we found out that Mary Margaret was named Fayetteville Homecoming Queen.  She was surprised when she realized they had called her name. Her mother, Amanda, was so excited. She could hardly contain herself! What a night! Then Amanda went home to watch her flower bloom. It blooms only once a year and this year it had nine blooms with eight of them opening.

Then on Saturday my youngest granddaughter turned 12. She had bicycle practice and then she and her mother watched the Razorbacks with friends. We had to have cake on Sunday evening.  Sunday is the day my daddy, Guy Phillips, was born in 1905. That was 115 years ago. I can’t believe he died 27 years ago at the age of 88.

My church had a drive-by communion. It is a good way to keep people separate. We have done this a couple of times since March. We are now having communion in church as the people leave. The church members are now singing with their masks on. Little by little we are getting back to some type of normal.

Taxes were due on the 15th.  I am having my house painted this week, as well. I can hardly wait to see how it looks. And to top it all off, I am having some dental work done! I broke a tooth and when I went in to have it repaired the dentist showed me I had another one cracked. I was to be careful and go back in in November. Would you believe I broke it off the next day and then a molar came out? The dentist got me back in this week. I am working at the polls Oct. 19, for two weeks early voting. That makes it hard to take care of the dental work until after Nov. 3. Thank goodness, they don’t hurt.     

Hurricane Delta hit Louisiana in the same place Hurricane Laura hit a few weeks ago. What a traumatic thing to live through. I am so happy I live in Arkansas where hurricanes do not hit.

The deaths are continuing throughout the land and in Arkansas. Please wear your mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands often. We need to practice staying home again to stop spreading the coronavirus. Be sure to mail in your absentee ballot if you chose to vote that way.  There are two weeks of early voting beginning on Oct. 19, before the Election Day on Nov. 3, if you go vote in person any of those days.

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