I had this wild urge to go to Jasper this weekend.  I had read there was going to be hot air balloons in Harrison on Saturday and I was hoping there might be some balloons still in Harrison on Sunday.  I drove through Harrison and saw no signs of the balloons anywhere.  I have that problem of “a day late, a day short” which didn’t fail me.  I can just dream of the next hot air balloon event and try to get there in time to take a ride! 

 I continued on to Jasper and had a good visit with my brother and sister-in-law, John and Wanda Phillips.  They are always busy people who live the farm life.  Wanda has been gardening and quilting.  John takes care of the haying and the cattle and now has the Rock House in Parthenon that they rent to river enthusiast and hikers.    

Samantha and I drove home by way of the Buffalo River and made a trip down to Steel Creek to look at the river up close.  It was really low and I am sure anyone camping near the river are hikers.  There were only five or six tents up.  Most people had gone home since it was Sunday.

The football season is off to a full start.  I was sorry to see the Razorbacks lose again but like so many years the die-hard Hog Fans are ready for the next game.  My granddaughter traveled to Texas for a track meet.  Mary Margaret is a junior at Fayetteville High School.  She runs long distances and, of course, I think is really good.    

I faithfully watched Hurricane Dorian coverage and I should be put on the payroll since I put in so much time!  I just can’t imagine all the terrible things looking them in the face to recover.  

This is the week of 9/11 and we still remember.  We were pulled into world issues and are still seeing conflicts throughout the land. 

Have a great week!

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