The Western Grove School has released the third nine weeks honor roll.

Third grade, all A’s, Jayden Applegate, Hailey Collins, Donnie Flud, Sarah Garner, Tayten Jackson, Kylee Smith, Ashlyn Smith, Haven Vanzant; A’s & B's, Chyanne Buchanan, Jackson Caudle, Natalie Collins, Kelby Little, Bentley Middleton, Daniel Riddell and Autumn Scott.,

Fourth grade all A’s, Breann Samsel, Hannah Wheeler, Sadey Woods; A’s & B’s, Janessa Campbell, Sadie Campbell, Waylon Robinson, Logan Sisco, Keira Smith and Maddyson Waldon.

Fifth grade all A’s, Landon Carney, Trayton Cross, Hannah Shatswell; A’s & B’s, Tate Dixon, Grant Eddings, Noah Henson, Rowland Limperis, Hannah Smith and Jake Zemlik.

Sixth grade all A’s & B’s, Jayden Bradshaw, Cobie Chaney, Lane Garner and Geneva McCoy.

Seventh grade 3.9999-3.0, Walker Collins, Savanah Goff, Alexis Henson, Sydney Marshall, Joshanna Middleton, Holden Roland and Tucker Savage.

Eighth grade 4.0, Grace Bradshaw, Joseph Breer, Kaleena Ricketts and Ashton Steen; 3.9999-3.0, Paige Chaney, Shaley Cross, Harley Lea, Kyra Markum, Briggs Reddell, Faith Rosenberg, Makenah Surber and

Angel Waldon.

Ninth grade 3.9999-3.0, Joey Busby, Levi Haley, Yameka Hoppis, Jordyn Jackson, Brayden Moore,

Austin Pospichal, Marcus Smith and Mason White.

Tenth grade 4.0, Brooklyn Baker and McKenzie Holder; 3.9999-3.0, Karley Humphrey, Finn Reichard,

Walker Robinson, Jaden Sisco and Mason Sisco.

Eleventh grade 4.0, Alexis Carter, Blake Reddell, Brittney Winn, Hailey Woods; 3.9999-3.0,

Rachel Holland and Karlee Smith.

Twelfth grade 4.0, Kendra Campbell, Katlynn Robinson and Joshua Smith; 3.9999-3.0,

Hunter Baker, Kayla Baker, D J Cross, Darius Hoppis, Kadin Humphrey, Andrew Jones, Luke Lane,

Desiree McClaine, Brooklyn Potter and Misty Recoy.

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